The Mask drop, LP rewards, and a new regular RTLOL update

Jordi Drop Debrief

They’ve been revealed!

For anyone who missed it, this week’s long awaited Jordi Molla drop was a banger — with all masks (across both the public and Raini pools) minting out within around 20 minutes of the public sale going live.

We have it on good authority that Krew are hard at work…

Time to release your inner Jordi!

The highly anticipated Jordi Molla MASKS will finally drop this Sunday 16th January at 8pm UTC on!

This drop is limited to a total of 6,500 masks, all on Ethereum. The first hour will be for whitelist holders and Raini holders, then the drop will open to the public.

It was the week before Christmas…

We thought this would be a great time for another drop, this time by talented French artist Avide.

As a French multi-disciplinary 3D designer, Avide works at the intersection of different artistic approaches and technology, often creating imaginary landscapes and personas, then mixingthem in variably colorful or dark ambiance.


Keen for updates? We got you.

We know it’s been a while since the last proper RTLOL update, and wow this is a doozy!

The Vision

First off, we want to take a step back and take stock of where we see Raini’s place in the emerging GameFi space.

We feel that the current state of the market…

It’s party time…. almost!

After our recent successful auction of a physically backed NFT artwork by Jordi Mollá, it’s just about time to get the party started!

The Masks

Jordi was inspired by the facades that we all wear as we interact with the world, as we can’t help but present a certain version of ourselves…

A unique Jordi Mollà 1/1 piece

Earlier this month we were thrilled to announce our ongoing collaboration with Krew Studios, in bringing A-tier celebrities and brands into the digital space via a series of curated, limited edition NFT lineups.

The first of these, MASKS by Jordi Mollà, is scheduled to drop on December 8th.

In preparation…

It’s time we evolved, again!

As Raini has grown and progressed, we’ve strived to incorporate new ideas and innovations, while staying true to our roots.

We like to think that in the most volatile market in history, we’ve handled this well, as when constant change is the name of the game, flexibility and the capacity…

Almost in time for Halloween - IT’S ALIIVEE (nearly)!

The time is more or less upon us! Commencing 12PM UTC, Monday 1st November, 2021, you will be able to stake your RTLOL cards and begin earning xPHOTON.

As a brief reminder for anyone who missed the memo, xPHOTON will be redeemable for vesting PHOTON (redeemable over a period). …

The beginning of an exciting new partnership

Raini began with a particular focus on presenting high-quality, curated artistic offerings as NFT drops, using staking and yield farming concepts in order to facilitate a novel “membership-through-liquidity-provision and token holding” model.

As our hub of DeFi products has expanded, we’ve retained a strong commitment to this original mission. To…

The calm before the typhoon

We hope you’re all excited, because the energy in the Raini team is effusive to say the least!

Off the back of a very successful card pack drop, and investment from Rarestone Capital, we’ve doubled down on growth, making key additional hires in both our platform and game development divisons…


Building an NFT-supercharged DeFi and Gaming Universe

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