Andy Thomas — Round 2

Confirming all of the juicy details for tomorrow’s NFT drop.


For anyone who missed our last Medium, we have one more NFT drop lined up for you before we shift across to diving head-first into all things RTLOL for a while.

This drop is scheduled to land at 12pm UTC on Tuesday 12 April, and will feature 6 incredible new works of art from the ever-talented Andy Thomas, with accompanying music from the Australian Conservation Museum.

And you thought Fractually’s NFT’s were trippy…

Check out the below summary of all the pertinent numbers, and read on for instructions on how you can score a limited edition copy of our most powerful Infused NFT yet!

As with our last drop, wallet-limits will be removed after 30 minutes if there are any NFTs remaining, and there will be zero minting fee for purchases made with Unicorns.

Infused NFT Airdrop

In order to obtain the 6th and final Infused NFT, you’ll need to acquire a minimum number of copies of each NFT (outlined in the Infused NFT Requirement column) by the snapshot date. This means that you’ll need at least 10 copies of NFT 1, as well as 8 copies of NFT 2, and so on.

If you manage to meet this requirement and hold all 30 requisite NFTs in the same wallet on the snapshot time of 12pm UTC on 11th May 2022, congratulations — this means that you will have qualified for the Infused NFT to be airdropped to you.

As a reminder, in addition to featuring amazing art in their own right, Infused NFT’s will offer added utility within our upcoming game, RTLOL, which will effectively allow you to substantially increase your PHOTON earnings by deploying them.

To reward committed collectors for meeting the increased requirements to qualify for this Infused NFT airdrop, it will be our most powerful one yet, so get your bows & corns ready; this is not one that you’ll want to miss!

New Card Reveal

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Note: Stats and effects are subject to change… ;-)

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