As We Pro-ceed… To Give You $RST

The time has come! After months of planning — and a recent surprise announcement re: the next evolution of Raini Studios tokenomics — we’re moving over from old to new. We don’t want anyone left behind, so here’s the latest 👀

Updated 2nd Nov ’23 to reflect the Merit Circle migration from $MC to $BEAM

Update March 2024 — Please note that the $RAINI token is no longer supported by the Raini Studios Ecosystem, and has been replaced by $RST. The migration bridge has closed, as per this update. This medium will remain for historical purposes only, we strongly recommend reading this medium post with our updated, $RST-focused Tokenomics v2.

Original Medium Below.

Before converting to $RST, yell “IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!” and… people might look at you funny.

The Time Has Come — Migration to Beam

As we covered in the “Raininomics” piece back in August, we’re combining the $RAINI and $PHOTON tokens into one new token — $RST.

$RST — the Raini Studios Token — will be native to the Beam blockchain, an Avalanche subnet.

Check the previous Medium out for a detailed explainer on the why behind the move, with this article covering the what, when (well, now), and how.

Like the noble Canadian Goose, we too migrate.

Contract Addresses

First things first; here’s the $RST contract address, vesting contract address, and the token audit by SourceHat:

It’s a bird, It’s a plane! No, it’s the new Raini Studios Token!

RAINI -> RST Migration

We’ve added a handy page to, with all the info you need :

You’ll need to connect your wallet to the Beam Mainnet, and add the RST token. Thankfully, our developers have added super handy buttons to the Migration Guide, to do this all for you automagically!*

As always, you should check that the network and token addresses you’re using are correct, based on the links above. Also, make sure you’re connected to the Beam Mainnet, not the Beam Testnet.

If you’d rather do this yourself manually, for MetaMask, you can follow the instructions here to add the Beam Mainnet with the details below:
Network Name
- Beam Mainnet
Chain ID
- 4337
Currency Symbol
Block Explorer

Then to add the $RST token to the Beam Mainnet, make sure your MetaMask is set to the correct network then follow the instructions here with these details:
Token contract address
Token decimal

Yep, it’s really that easy to convert your $RAINI to $RST!

LP Migration Guide

Again, since we’re nice developers, we added a super handy guide for you here:

Buying $RST

Okay, so maybe you missed out on buying $RAINI, or you just want to fill your bags… But how do you actually buy $RST? We got you fam!

“My stuff is moved over, now what?” — Staking on Beam

“The final step in migration — the Steak Beam. Wait, maybe it’s Staking *on* Beam…”

We’ll be launching two staking contracts on Beam:

  • a straight $RST staking contract — which earns Rainbows 🌈 — with a max 30% bonus earning rate for any tokens staked before the end of October 2023 (based on UTC time)
  • an $RST/$MC LP staking contract — which earns RST and Unicorns 🦄 — with a max 30% bonus Unicorn earning rate for any tokens staked before the end of October 2023 (based on UTC time)
  • is where you want to go for these :)

Cor Blimey, you’ve been busy! What else is on the horizon?

We’re glad you asked! The team is still working hard to expand on the utility of the new $RST token, so you can expect the new storefront to go live on soon, as well as the Beam Wallets for players of RTLOL, allowing us to deposit prizes and on-chain rewards directly for all players, regardless of their knowledge/experience in web3!

Oh, and the rest of the team is smashing out awesome new features such as preparation for the World Championships starting this weekend, the upcoming Formations set, Mobile support, Client Localisation, Performance/UX improvements and more!

If you’re reading this the week it came out, come join us this weekend for the 2023 World Championships!

Sneaky edit — Congratulations to Cryptic Witcher, the 2023 Rainiverse World Champion!

Catch ya ‘round the Rainiverse!


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Raini -> RST Migration Guide
RST Purchase Guide
LP Migration Guide

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