Buzz-worthy NFTs, Tourney Champs, Contest Winners, and more — December Updates

As 2022 has now come to a close, we’re charging straight into 2023 with big momentum on multiple fronts — starting with a brand new NFT collection. Let’s dive in!

Big Chad Raini and his lesser-known friends hang out by the fire. Sunglasses are a must.

What a year.

Seems like this one flew by (don’t they all?) — but that’s what happens when you stay busy!

After a whirlwind 2022, we’re happy to take a moment to exhale — reflecting briefly on what’s been accomplished, and looking ahead to the work in front of us.

Developing Lords of Light, expanding our team, and forging new partnerships made 2022 a year we can be proud of; especially having done so amidst a brutal bucket of bear market cold water being thrown on everything bullish in crypto.

But as we all know by now, broader market cycles are what they are — those who build real value will win in the end.

Thanks to our entire community for your continued support as we build Raini into a true blue chip in the space — developing a robust ecosystem filled with passionate users and plenty of incentives for all is our focus.

On that note, we’re happy to ring in the New Year with a new NFT release 👀

Get your Rainbows and Unicorns ready…

Collect these now, dominate Lords of Light later.

We’re proud to announce a brand new NFT collection from artist Thomas Bauer — ARTHRoN

These beauties will drop around the end of January — we’re going to set mint price at zero, but these will cost you significant 🌈 and 🦄. Supply will be small, so these will be quite exclusive as well. Check the previews 👇

You’ll want to hold several of these if you’re a Lords of Light enthusiast — if you collect enough, you’ll qualify for a future Infused NFT airdrop.

And we all know what that means:

“Fire the Photon torpedoes! Wait, what? Photon tokens? What are th — oh whatever, fine. This is just a TV show anyways.”

Let this new drop serve as the latest reminder that staking $RAINI for Rainbows and Unicorns will remain a crucial element of the Raini ecosystem moving forward. We will continue to look for ways to reward our loyal holders in 2023 and beyond!

Clearly much our of current focus is on RTLOL — so you’ll see incentives converge there in the near-term — but as Raini grows as both a developer and incubator, 🌈 and 🦄 will be redeemable in a myriad of ways across the Rainiverse. $RAINI is the foundational way for investors to gain exposure to the project, and driving value to our native token will always be a priority.

That being said, while we’re on the subject of RTLOL…

Lords of Light Alpha Tournament — Results, and Highlights

As mentioned above, our first RTLOL tourney was incredible — thanks to all who competed 🙌

Big congrats to our winners! The competition was fierce, especially in the deciding matchup. Check out the championship match highlights:

Huncho and Qpioneer duke it out for the title.

We’ll also be posting full matches from the Alpha tournament soon for those who want to study the gameplay a bit more in-depth 🔎

That being said, we couldn’t be happier with how this first tourney went — the passion and enthusiasm our community brought to the table was rewarding for everyone here at Raini, and we look forward to hosting many more in the future!

What a great way to close out the year 💪🦄🎉

“More Winners? Man, you guys just love giving stuff away, huh?”

Yeah, what can we say — it’s that time of year, right? 😬

In any case, congrats to the ten winners of our Avalanche Card Giveaway:

  • Poprádi Szabolcs
  • George Maradianos
  • John Martin
  • MelurJW
  • The CryptoEvrian
  • Louis Louw
  • Mayank Verma
  • Ham Doziar
  • Sr. 420 Cbd Thz
  • Wakaoz

Winners will have their cards airdropped to them very soon (before the second edition pack drop, along with the Kanpai Panda cards being airdropped to the previous contest winners).

And finally, some Lords of Light strategy tips!

That Black Swan has had a good run this year, huh?

Man, we love us some exclamation points — that’s seven already.

Anyways, our Lead Game Designer AlCaTrAzz and Alpha Tourney Champ Huncho recently shared some pointers on RTLOL strategy, which we dropped on Twitter just a short time ago.

Whether you’re an experienced player or new to the game, be sure to check them out:



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