Changing the Game.

As RTLOL progresses towards full public launch, we’ve got a brief — but big — update to share.

DISCLAIMER: While Raini endeavours to deliver a face-melting experience to all RTLOL players, the above is an artist’s rendering and may or may not be fully representative of your reaction to gameplay.

We’re Moving — Introducing RTLOL Standalone

In a major step on the road to full launch, we’re happy to announce the next update to RTLOL — from the previous v0.3.4 to the brand new v0.9.0!

The reason for the big version jump is simple; Raini: The Lords of Light is — for the first time — available to be downloaded and installed on both Windows and Mac.

What we wanted to do to the old webGL version after trying out standalone for the first time!

So why move to a standalone version of the game?

  • Dedicated builds for Windows and Mac = significantly better performance
  • Much faster updates and bug fixes
  • No more whitelisting, we’re open for anyone to play

For now, we’ll still have all cards remain unlocked by default — but at some point between now and full launch, you’ll need to have cards unlocked on your account in order to use them in-game. (You know, those cool cards you’ve been collecting for the past year, right?)

More on that soon!

So how do I download and install the new RTLOL?

Look at me ma, I’m a real game now!!!

First, you’ll want the exclusive beta access code: NE8FAH4CJrx5

You’ll want to visit Elixir and complete the following steps:

If you don’t see this… I guess you downloaded Netflix or something? Go watch Kaleidoscope, it’s pretty dope.

That’s it — and your Elixir account grants full access to your NEW profile, including decks, MMR, play history, etc.

We hope you all enjoy this latest release, and expect plenty more updates in the weeks and months to come!

The new Standalone build, where you’re 69% more likely to beat Huncho in our next Tournament!



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