Community Alpha Next Week!


Soon, young Padawan.

The macro economy and broader markets may be gloomy, but Raini is powering along behind the scenes; determined to produce one of the best games to ever grace the blockchain — Raini: The Lords of Light.

After a successful (and incredibly busy) month of Phase 1 Alpha testing and bug squishing, we are excited to announce that we’re now ready to intake the first tranche of community Alpha testers as part of our Phase 2 Alpha rollout!

We will initially be whitelisting around 30 community members by the end of next week — keep an eye out for an email or DM, as we will be contacting selected participants by mid-next-week at the latest.

If you miss out on a first tranche invitation, don’t worry — we’ll be adding more of you to the Phase 2 alpha very soon. We want to ensure that we progressively scale up infrastructure load, and continue with balancing iteration as we go.

If you haven’t applied yet, it’s not too late — simply fill out the Google Form here and you’ll be in the running for a position as early as the second tranche!

Mindsphers & Artkin AMA

After having to miss the last AMA due to an unfortunate bout of Covid, Mindspheres has now fully recovered and is ready to answer all of your burning questions.

Artkin and Mindspheres will be hosting a twitter space on Friday, 8th July, at 1pm UTC — so submit your questions upfront now (via Telegram, Discord, or Twitter) and join us live next week. If you can’t make it for any reason, we’ll be posting a link to the recording soon after the AMA is complete.

Card Reveal — FUD

  • Classification: Uncommon Yellow Spell
  • Play Cost: 1 Colorless Gem + 1 Yellow Gem
  • Game Text: All minions lose Overkill, Lifesteal, Forcefield, Guardian, Poisonous, Shockwave and Thorns.

After repeated requests from a number of community members — the master fudder himself, Pablo, will officially be featured in his own card, as part of the second edition drop!

This card can be played to lock down key abilities of many minions.

However, you’ll need to use this card wisely, since it will affect your cards too!

Note: Stats and effects are still subject to change

See you in the game!

RTLOL TCG Alpha Application Form — here



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