Embracing Change: The New $RST Tokenomics V2 at Raini Studios


A New Dawn for Sustainability, Simplicity, and Rewarding Gameplay

Hello Rainiverse, and welcome to 2024! We closed out 2023 with a bang, from the announcement of the Acquisition of Raini Studios by CEDEN Network and Kanpai Studios, the upcoming deadline to migrate $RAINI to $RST (1st of March!), and the announcement that we have not one, but TWO new games in various stages of development!

I guess you could say it’s full steam ahead for Raini Studios!

With that in mind, as we Rocket ahead into 2024, we need to look at everything we do, to ensure all of the systems we deploy for our community are world-class and ahead of the curve. With this in mind, we will be implementing some changes to the $RST Ecosystem to better support our long-term goals and our growing community.

The Chinese Horoscope 2024 reveals that the Year of the Dragon, specifically the Wood Dragon year, will bring authority, prosperity, and good fortune.

The Big Picture: Goals for $RST Tokenomics V2

For $RST Tokenomics v2, we’re setting our sights on:

  • Sustainability: Crafting a token economy that stands the test of time.
  • Simplicity: Making participation easy and understandable for everyone.
  • Longevity: Ensuring the token’s value and utility for years to come.
  • Rewarding More Players: Expanding the benefits to a broader player base.
  • New User Acquisition: Attracting fresh faces to our ecosystem.
  • Gameplay-Focused Economics: Putting the gaming experience front and centre.

So that’s the high-level goals, let's dive into the specifics :)

  • End of All LP Rewards: As of January 31st, 2024, we’re saying goodbye to LP rewards. Why? Because LP strategies are complex and often risky, leading to significant losses for most participants. We’re focusing on healthier ecosystem features instead.
    Secondly, we are now providing plenty of liquidity across multiple chains, so there is zero benefit to the ecosystem for the community to also do it. Very few people will do it in any size, thus this becomes a massive handout to whales while diluting the rest of the player base.

Tokenomics Change. The 100million $RST set aside for LP incentives will be reallocated to in-game incentives that attract, and retain new users, and reward actual players of RTLOL.

More details for these changes will be coming soon, including a set of “New User Quests” with $RST-based rewards! All players, regardless of their time in the Raini Studios ecosystem will be eligible for these rewards.

  • Treasury Vesting schedule changes from 1 year to 2 years. We’re extending the vesting schedule from 1 year to 2 years to reduce the emission rate of $RST. This change aligns with our goal of sustainable growth and value retention.
  • Team Pool has been removed. Aligning team interests with the ecosystem, we’ve removed the Team Pool. Instead, we’re introducing a Communities Pool, funded by CEDEN and Kanpai Studios’ forgone 50 million $RST allocation. This pool aims to drive adoption and reward loyal NFT holders.

Tokenomics Change. The 50million $RST team pool will be replaced by a 50million $RST Communities Pool, which will be used to reward CEDEN and Kanpai Pandas NFT holders via a massive $RST Airdrop, vesting over a 3 year period. This will drive adoption of RTLOL by these communities.

  • Player Rewards (Play and Earn (P&E), Collect and Earn (C&E) and Leaderboard Rewards) changes.


There will be no changes this season, however, there are big plans on the horizon. We’re extending the 5-year emissions to 10 years and introducing a mechanism to return 40% of the $RST Storefront revenue to players. This increases the value of these rewards programs by tying the rewards systems to the ecosystem economy more directly.

Tokenomics Change. 5 year emissions changes to 10 years. 40% of $RST Storefront revenue to be directed back to players, with 10% directly on a monthly basis by existing systems, and 30% removed from circulation (which reduces circulating supply) and redirected back into the Player Reward pools for P&E, C&E, and Leaderboard rewards.

  • Leaderboard Specific Changes.


We want to reward current players, and we want to reward more of them.

Tokenomics Change. Starting from Season 3, Leaderboard rewards will only be issued for the Seasonal Leaderboard, and will be increased from the top 60 players to the top 1,000 players. New earning tiers will be announced soon.

  • 1% $RST Sell Tax.

Tokenomics Change. This has not been mentioned previously regarding what these tokens are used for. These will be used for Community Incentives (i.e. giveaways, events and tournament prizes.)

  • Outstanding Legacy Rewards. To simplify the $RST ecosystem and various legacy reward programs around the token, all outstanding legacy rewards planned such as “Magnifier Shards” and “Infused NFTs”, will be replaced by an exclusive, not-for-general-sale RTLOL Card Drop. These cards will all be Rare, Legendary or Mythic rarity, and supply will be limited to community members owed legacy rewards. This will include community members holding Rainbows and Unicorns (details to follow).

The details of this drop will follow, as we continue to gather data around user snapshots, outstanding prizes and other legacy systems that we can eliminate via this final farewell to the baggage of the v1 system, and welcome the smooth streamlined v2 system.

How the team felt writing this medium (Hint — super bullish!)

The March 1st Deadline and A Bullish Outlook

Again, don’t forget the March 1st deadline for migrating from $RAINI to $RST. An important note: about 275 million $RST tokens risk being burned from the circulating supply if not migrated. This move could significantly impact the token’s value and scarcity — a potentially bullish development for $RST holders.

Wrapping Up

We’re on the brink of an exciting new era for Raini Studios and the $RST ecosystem. These changes reflect our commitment to a sustainable, simple, and player-focused ecosystem. So, let’s embrace these updates and look forward to a rewarding and prosperous future together!

Stay tuned for more details, and as always, thank you for being an invaluable part of the Raini community. LFG!

Any Questions?

Come join the team next week for our next Developer AMA, where we chat about all things Raini Studios!

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