Embracing the Past, Lighting the Future… Welcome to the latest RTLOL set, Legacy!


As the Rainiverse stands on the precipice of a new era, Raini Studios proudly announces its latest and most nostalgic offering yet — the Legacy set for Raini: The Lords of Light. This upcoming release is not just a celebration of the groundbreaking achievements within the last three years, but also a beacon that illuminates the path to future adventures in our award-winning TCG!

The Legacy Mint serves as both a culmination and a tribute to the rich history and vibrant development of The Lords of Light under Raini Studios. By encapsulating the essence of the past three years, this mint allows both veteran players and newcomers alike to relive the magic and lore that have shaped the game we all know and love while laying the groundwork for future sets and adventures within the Rainiverse.

How we’re feeling about Legacy rn :)

Set Distribution

Legacy will contain 36 new cards, with rarities as follows:

  • 7 common
  • 7 uncommon
  • 8 rare
  • 7 legendaries
  • 7 mythics

Wait, WHAT? 7 MYTHICS???

It was either this or a “We’re not here to fuck spiders” gif…

So, for the first time in the history of RTLOL… We will add Mythics to the game in each of the Seven colours, giving non-rainbow decks the chance to utilise some of the most broken, overpowered, and crazy cards ever printed… You know, like Blue’s iconic new Mythic minion, Cryosia!

Or how about Red’s evil new Mythic minion, Ignatius Pyreheart, who literally sets fire to the entire game when you play him?

Unlike our recent mints, all cards from Legacy (and some others, more details below) will be available as Collectable (or NFT) Cards, with the following Editions:

  • Mythic — Edition of 100
  • Legendary — Edition of 200
  • Rare — Edition of 600
  • Uncommon — Edition of 1500
  • Common — Edition of 3000

Want to meet the rest of our new Mythics? Make sure you’re following Raini Studios on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and OnlyFans to catch all the sneak peeks in the lead-up to the launch of Legacy! Speaking of which…

Set Release / Pack Details

As announced on Twitter, Legacy will be released on

April 30, 2024, at 11 pm UTC.

Collectable Packs will be available exclusively on the BEAM Subnet via the $RST Storefront.

Soulbound Packs will be available in the first week of May via the in-game storefront.

As this release is a celebration of the Legacy of RTLOL (geddit?), not only will these packs contain all 36 Legacy cards, but we will also be minting the missing common and uncommon cards from the previous Tempus and Formation mints as well! That means after the Legacy mint, players will have access to ALL cards from ALL sets of RTLOL as Collectable Cards, allowing you to finally have a full collection and maximise your Player Rewards!

But wait, there’s more!

In the spirit of celebrating the Legacy of RTLOL over the past 3 years, not only will your packs contain Legacy cards, and common/uncommon cards from Formations and Tempus, but we’re introducing ultra-rare “Golden Ticket” packs as well!

“Cause I got a golden ticket… I’ve got a golden twinkle in my eye…”

Approximately 1 in 420 packs will be a “Golden Ticket” Pack. These packs will contain a bonus card, which could be ANY. CARD. EVER. MINTED.

Do we overuse this GIF? write to us at coop@avax.network and let us know!

Yep, you read that right. A Legacy Pack, in addition to the new Legacy cards and 7 new Mythics, could contain…

Collectable Packs will contain 5 Cards (or 6 for a Golden Ticket pack) and will be sold for $25 USD each in $RST.
So for the first time, we’ve increased the number of cards in a pack as well as drastically lowered the price!

Pack Odds/Details

The odds for a Collector Pack of Legacy containing at least 1 card of the following rarities are as follows:

  • Common — 99.68%
  • Uncommon — 82.30%
  • Rare — 6.34%
  • Legendary — 3.74%
  • Mythic — 1.88%
  • Golden Ticket Packs — 0.24%

As you can imagine, including all of the common/uncommon cards from Tempus/Formations and Legacy means ALOT more packs, there will be 36,900 packs total for Legacy! These will be distributed as follows:

3,333 Packs — Airdropped to CEDEN Create Pass Holders

3,333 Packs — Allocated to Kanpai Pandas Community Rewards

10,000 Packs — Allocated to Rainiverse Legacy Promotions (details below)

20,000 Packs — Available for general sale as individual packs and bundles (bundle details below)

234 Packs — Reserved for Promotional use

Rainiverse Legacy Promotional Packs

As a fitting send-off to the past, we have allocated $250,000 in Packs from Legacy to community members who were involved with reward programs from the history of the studio. This allows us to put these Legacy programs to rest once and for all and focus the full efforts of the studio not only on expanding the rich world of RTLOL but to building new games and experiences for players to enjoy. These Packs are based on snapshots taken by the team in the past, for the following programs:

  • Rainbows / Unicorns (both on-chain and Rainiverse)
    2520 Packs allocated to Rainbow holders, the minimum Rainbows to be eligible is 5000. 1 Pack allocated for every 24,800 Rainbows held.
    2538 Packs allocated to Unicorn holders, the minimum Unicorns to be eligible is 1. 1 Packs allocated for every 395 Unicorns held.

If you hold the minimum eligible number, you’ll receive 1 pack. Otherwise, packs are allocated based on the allocation requirements.

  • Golden NFTs
    972 Packs allocated, based on the Stamina values under the planned magnifier system
  • Chroma NFTs
    998 Packs allocated, based on the Stamina values under the planned magnifier system
  • 7 Deadly Sins / Froggy / ARTHRoN Infused NFTs
    988 / 994 / 990 Packs allocated based on the Infused requirements and snapshots taken on the dates set in their respective medium articles.

Legacy Packs and Bundles

So, we’ve got lots of packs, lots of mythics, golden ticket packs, and more! But I hear y’all saying, WHAT ABOUT BUNDLES??? We got you fam :)

Even Fat Tony knows the best value lies in Bundles :)

For Legacy, there will be not one, not two, but THREE different bundles available, alongside the standard Collector Packs. All the details are below:

  • Collector Pack. 1,739 available
    $25 USD in $RST.
  • MiniCHAD Bundle. 150 available
    20 Packs for $420 USD (16% Discount).
    In this bundle, you are guaranteed to open at least 1 Legendary Collectable Card.
  • SuperCHAD Bundle. 69 available
    69 Packs for $1337 USD (22.49% Discount).
    In this bundle, you are guaranteed to open at least 1 Mythic Collectable Card.
  • UltraCHAD Bundle. 25 available
    420 Packs for $6969 USD (33.63% Discount).
    In this bundle, you are guaranteed to open at least 7 Mythic Collectable Cards.
    Note: there may be duplicate Mythics in this Bundle, not guaranteed to contain all 7 different Mythics available in Legacy.

There will be limits on how many packs/bundles can be purchased per wallet, these limits will be lifted 1 hour after the mint starts.

You knew we had to use this art again for the Bundles ;)

One more thing…

Join us this week for a Developer AMA, where the team will chat all things Legacy, April Insanity, upcoming tournaments, and see what sorts of MAYhem we can get up to on stream… Catch you there!

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