Fractually NFT Drop + BSC Secondary Market Launch

It has been an absolutely massive month for Raini!

Between our NFT platform launch, deployment of our evolving NFT contract, our first two NFT drops selling out within minutes, and strong secondary sales activity, the Rainiverse is expanding rapidly - at this rate, it won’t be long until everything is Raini!

With excitement building around our Raini: Lords of Light TCG genesis card pack drop, including a retweet from the great Charles Hoskinson himself, we wanted to take the opportunity now to provide Raini holders with even more value, via two major announcements.

First major announcement — Our next NFT drop is now locked in, and will consist of four pieces of animated hypnotic art created by the immensely talented Fractually, the Fractal God!

The father of fractals was a Polish-born man named Benoit B Mandelbrot. Legend has it that the B in his name stood for Benoit B Mandelbrot’

As with last drop, in an effort to balance maximizing community availability to participate in the drop, as well as minimize the Ethereum gas fees, we will be scheduling this drop to land on Sunday, 5 September, at 12pm GMT / 8am EST / 10pm AEST / 2pm CEST.

That’s odd, I don’t remember adding mushrooms to my tea…

Second major announcement — We are putting the finishing touches on our eagerly-awaited secondary NFT marketplace for the BSC network, and are just completing final testing on it now!

We are on track to have the marketplace launched within the next week or so, and are aiming to have it online in time for the Fractually NFT drop.

BSC community members — stay tuned for the imminent launch confirmation!

Not really an announcement, more of a sneak peak and a heads up, but we’ve got a refresh coming for the main Raini website, live soon!

Finally, if you haven’t already seen our Tweet on this, we’re giving away card packs in celebration of our upcoming drop.

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