Game On — Compete in the 2023 Rainiverse World Championships🏆 for your share of over $20,000!

Raini Studios has proudly teamed up with Beam, Merit Circle, Pentosh1, and BluMint to present 23WC — the 2023 Rainiverse World Championships! Here’s the latest on how it’s gonna go down, and how you can win your share of the prize pool 💰

It’s time to kick things into high gear.

Just over a week ago, we announced the 2023 Rainiverse World Championships on X (formerly Twitter). Our partners Beam, Merit Circle, Pentosh1, and BluMint have worked with us to put together this massive launch event for RTLOL.

Raini Studios and partners.

Originally set to have a $10,000 prize pool, we’ve now been able to expand that pool to a grand total worth over $20,000 🔥

The above is comprised of:

  • $20k USD in tokens 💵, and
  • up to $20k worth of RTLOL Collectible Packs, Cards, and NFTs 🎁

Also — as stated previously — 23WC will be a series of 13 events, and we’ve settled on a final start date of September 29 to kick things off. We’ll be hosting:

  • 4 Championship Main Events 🏆
  • 6 Undercard Events 🥊
  • The Pentosh1/Flightless Space Agency Invitational 🐧 (requires entrants to own an NFT from this collection)
  • A “Last Chance” Qualifier Event ⌛
  • The World Championship Grand Finals 🥇

These 13 events will fall into 4 different “event format” categories:

  • Standard EventsPlayers will need either one, or two decks for these events, and can use any cards, as long as they are unlocked in-game (either SoulBound or Collectable Cards can be used)
  • Theme Deck EventsThese require 2 Theme Decks to be unlocked and used (which can be done simply by finishing our in-game tutorial!)
  • Open EventsPlayers can use any cards in the game, regardless of ownership (This format is also used for the Grand Finals!)
  • Collectable Events These require 2 decks, and if a card is available in collectible form, you must have the collectible version; Collectable Events also feature larger Prize Pools, and are by design a true showdown for our most engaged community members 🦄🌈

Top-placed finishers in all of the preliminary events will qualify for the Grand Finals, held on Saturday, October 28th. In a best-of-three, Double-Elimination format, these 32 players will compete for a share of the prize pool, and to be crowned our Inaugural World Champion!

“That ShamWow guy is a punk!”

We’re also holding a Player of the Championship contest, where the top finishers in each event will earn points on the PotC Leaderboard, and the top-ranked players here will also win prizes!

Pin this medal on your Boy Scout uniform.
PotC points — the new “participation trophy”

There will also be a point multiplier to reward players for strong performance in particularly tough events 💪

📆 For the full schedule, check out the 2023 World Championships Page

🏆 For a full breakdown of the prizes for each event, check out the Blumint RTLOL Tournament Page

We’ve been building towards 23WC for literal years.

Dating back to our very first design sessions, we knew RTLOL would attract and embrace a global community — and with that in mind, wanted to eventually run a massive event to crown an inaugural World Champion. With the 23WC, we bring together a global community of web3 enthusiasts, TCG fans, and gamers, to celebrate a game that rivals the best TCGs on the market today. We have 13 events, with support for different timezones (as much as possible), four unique tournament formats, a fun PotC leaderboard, and an incredible ecosystem with our community and partners, and their support to bring this all together.

So thank you. Merit Circle, Beam, Pentosh1, bluMint, Avalanche, our incredible community (and especially a huge shoutout to our tireless mods), for your support in making this incredible event happen. We can’t wait to see you all battle it out in the Rainiverse, crown our inaugural World Champion, and then come back and do it all again in 2024 :)


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