Genesis Debrief & Roadmap Update

Platform Launch & Genesis Drop

For anyone who missed it, the much awaited Raini Genesis Drop was officially released on Friday, 23 July 2021 and sold out in a matter of minutes! We want to give a massive thank you to everyone in the community who participated in the drop and helped make it such an overwhelming success.

Secondary Market for NFT’s

We have already seen the secondary market for our NFT’s on the Ethereum network going incredibly well — a number of secondary market sales have already been finalised on OpenSea at prices that we hope make all of you very happy.

Whilst a secondary market for Raini NFT’s is currently only available on the Ethereum network, we are working to fast-track market functionality for Binance Smart Chain. We hope to have this up and running for all of our BSC community members very soon.

A cornucopia of NFTs awaits on Open Sea. Yes, we know those are lanterns.

Raini’s Second NFT Drop

So now that the platform is online, it’s about time we dropped some more NFTs — to that end, we are thrilled to confirm that Raini’s next drop will feature none other than the darkness and divinity deity himself, JawDane!

Stay tuned for the official listing and countdown timer in the coming days.

On a related note, we are aware that demand far surpassed even our expectations for our initial offering. To ensure the process for our next drop allows for an even more seamless experience, giving as many folks as possible a shot at grabbing one of the astounding pieces we have in the queue, we’re going to be announcing some updates and improvements to the purchase process prior to JawDane’s release.

NFT Upgrades

For anyone keen to unlock some Gold and Chroma NFTs, we’re putting the final touches on our NFT upgrading system now, so expect to launch this within the next week!

The Raini Manifesto

(Or, how I learned to stop worrying and stake $RAINI)

The team has been overjoyed with the consistent support of our community. Over the past few months, through market ups and downs, you’ve stuck around, even in the worst of Inu-devastating corrections (Vitalik much?)

“Gentlemen, you can’t rug in here! LP tokens were sent to Vitalik!”

That said, for many, especially those not active in our Telegram or not tuned in to our Twitter announcements, the price volatility in the market was too much. For them and many others, $RAINI was (and still is) perceived as merely a placeholder for a dollar value, whose benefit is tied solely to its capacity to appreciate in price. While we fully understand the tendency for attraction to the shining light of “number go up”, particularly in the highly speculative market that is the crypto space, we believe that is not the value proposition inherent in $RAINI or the Raini ecosystem.

$RAINI was always intended to serve as a facilitator token, a unit of economic exchange that underpins the entire Rainicorn platform, acting as the foundation for every product and reward structure built atop it. Staking $RAINI or providing liquidity in DEXs like Pancakeswap or Uniswap earns rewards which are then used as in-system currency, allowing for the trading of NFTs, the purchase of powerups and bonus items, and enabling many key features of our soon to be launched trading card game.

In sum, the market value of $RAINI as a sellable token will always be dwarfed in comparison to the value obtained through utilizing it as a means to generate the multitude of rewards that the Rainicorn product lineup exhibits.

As more and more features begin to come online, this will become apparent. Ultimately, we hope to impart a change of mindset upon our community, to pause and consider not looking at token price appreciation as the principle measure of worth, but to see the value that the entire $RAINI ecosystem is working to bring to the table.

Until a very soon next time, we wish you all health and happiness, and many rainbows and unicorns! 🌈🦄

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