NFTs — A Living History

It’s as if the worlds of fine art and crypto were destined to collide.

Latent creative potential has always needed a tangible avenue of expression; Mozart’s piano, Picasso’s brush, Michelangelo’s marble. One of the most profound and enduring aspects of the human condition is our desire to share the contents of our souls in some way. To take what, at first, can only be seen by our own mind’s eye, heard only within our silent thoughts, and translate it.

This language is art.

More descriptively, it’s innovation. Human creativity is endless, and the mediums by which this can be shared are rapidly evolving in unprecedented ways. Reality is being written in real-time, and history is shaped by bold, determined authors.

The NFT — Our New Canvas

As our world migrates into a growing digital space, the arts weren’t going to be left behind. Music, paintings, sculptures, collectibles, and games reflect who we are as a species.

The NFT is our new, digital canvas.

So how are we going to create? Well, that’s still being defined in real-time. Endless options exist for artists who want to share their heart’s work with the world. But, in order to share, we must be able to translate.

From canvas, to computer.

From analog, to digital.

From soul, to world.

At present, a relatively select few have both the artistic talent and technical aptitude needed to pioneer on this new frontier — and we plan to change that.

It’s About Time

Perhaps it’s a cherished book, binding worn by the page-turning of grandparents who were once children. The cover, once rich with color, bronzed by the passage of time.

It could be an old painting, hung on the same wall of the family home since your parents’ wedding — or an antique vinyl record, the sound of which can never quite be replicated by anything other than the original turntable it was played on for so long.

Items like these do not just possess inherent beauty and value, character has been bestowed upon them throughout their years. What was once new and unknown became old and familiar, shaped by the world around them.

Time also changed what these items meant to us. An image, a sound, a memory, a story — embedded in our minds, and impressed upon our hearts. The physical changes in each item continually developed as an evolving, tangible representation of everything they symbolically and sentimentally embodied.

So what does any of this have to do with NFTs?

Introducing: Evolving NFTs

Up until now, most minted NFTs simply remained as-is, forever. But in this sense, they are fundamentally unlike any art that has ever existed in human history.

All of human creation up until the digital age has always changed with time; including books, jewellery, art and artisinal pieces the world over — from the Sphinx to the Venus de Milo. These changes have often become part of the work’s very identity.

That’s why we’re introducing what we call Evolving NFTs. These NFTs will be visual, audio, or multimedia, and as their history evolves, so will their content —they will evolve with time and with use.

Practically speaking, this could take many forms, with a few example use cases being:

  • A visual art piece that changes as it’s bought and sold, revealing new layers and detail;
  • A piece of music that reveals a hidden vocal track once it has reached a certain value of total sales;
  • Multimedia which has its content impacted by changes in real-world data;
  • Ownership unlocks whereby owning X number of NFTs from a certain artist unlocks new content within those NFTs, or the ability to mint an entirely new, previously unavailable NFT;
  • Permitting user interactivity via multi-part NFTs that interact with others in the set.

The list of possibilities is endless, and we will iterate and expand on the feature set over time.

The Raini NFT Toolkit

Crucially, we will not only be making this feature-set available to artists in our regular curated drops, but we will also be launching what we call the Raini NFT Toolkit. This will allow artists with minimal technical aptitude to mint and sell their own Evolving NFTs on the Raini platform, enabling a whole new world of creators to curate innovative experiences in the rapidly expanding NFT world.

The implications of this are huge.

The more control we give to the artist, the more potent their creativity becomes. Freedom of expression drives artistic innovation, and we want the Raini NFT Toolkit to be a powerful conduit for such transformational work.

This toolkit will help set Raini apart from the growing list of cookie-cutter NFT platforms in the space, as well as lead to the establishment of a two-sided market on our platform, creating further potential use-cases for the $RAINI token. We didn’t enter the NFT space to do what has already been done. We’re here to change the game — to innovate, inspire, and iterate.

We will be releasing further details regarding the Toolkit as it continues to be developed. Our intent is to make this flexible, dynamic, and intuitive. The input of our artists, community members, and team will continue to shape and mold the platform as it grows.

Remember, our team has the resources to build this out and make it into a potential cornerstone tool for NFT artists around the world. This will be a crucial piece of the Raini ecosystem and a key priority in our product development cycle.

NFTs are here to stay, and so are we.

Thanks again for all your support on this journey, as always — there’s much more to come!



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Building an NFT-supercharged DeFi and Gaming Universe

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Building an NFT-supercharged DeFi and Gaming Universe

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