It’s a Celebration!

Raini Studios is turning TWO this Friday, and while it might be our birthday, we’ll be the ones giving some Epic gifts away: a massive RTLOL tourney with cash, card & pack prizes, a limited promo for collector pack purchases, and if you happen to be in San Fran next week, a chance to meet the Raini team and demo RTLOL live at the Avalanche🔺 booth at GDC. Let’s dig in.

Glowing in an ethereal forest is the best way to celebrate — just don’t eat the mushrooms.

Hap-py Birth-day, to me…”

It is only fitting to sing to oneself when celebrating such an EPIC milestone as turning two.

Mindspheres on March 17th.

Typically one would be satisfied with a sippy cup and fresh diaper on this occasion (whilst parents fully leverage the excuse to indulge in far too much cake and mimosas), but we here at Raini Studios have set our sights a bit higher.

Well, not that much higher. Like Rick James, we sometimes get carried away when celebrating.

While slapping the absolute mess out of our community may be the greatest gift of all, we are happy to announce that we also have somewhat lesser — but still pretty epic — gifts to share with our frens. 🎁

First up — come visit with the team! 🎉

Meet Team Raini — at GDC in San Francisco

Oh, what’s that now? Second from the right? Probably nothing.

Raini Studios will be at the annual Game Developers Conference in full force (we‘d briefly considered two-thirds force) — held in San Francisco, California from March 20th to 24th.

We’ll be cold chillin’ at the 🔺 Avalanche 🔺 booth as one of only two games with live demos set up and ready to play on-site. We’ll also have gaming stations set up at the Stardust event on Wednesday night for people to try the game there 🎮

Yes, we know this is photoshopped… Let’s just say, AlCaTrAzz is way better at designing games than editing photos…

Co-founders Mindspheres and Artkin, Lead Designer AlCaTrAzz, Lead Programmer Hex and Lead Artist Hit Box are all attending, and will be rocking our latest Raini Studios merch (as if they weren’t fashionable enough already).

For the duration of the expo at the RTLOL game stations, we'll also be broadcasting our epic video trailer updated with brand-new gameplay footage, and our highlights reel 👀

What GDC would look like if it was held in a random warehouse…

The team will also be at LOOT DROP, by Stardust, on the Wednesday night of GDC, with the chance to check out RTLOL and play some games (and beat up on the devs at Ping Pong!)

For anyone in our community who plans to attend next week, please stop by the Avalanche🔺 booth and pay us a visit; for those who can’t attend, you can still get in on the action in two more ways 👇

A HUUUGGEEEEEEE Shoutout to our friends at 🔺Avalanche🔺 for helping make this happen. ❤️

Official🔺 Avalanche 🔺 Sponsored RTLOL Tournament — $10,000 USD+ Prize Pool


With a prize pool like this, and all the hype around the new meta with 7 Deadly Sins… you knew we had to make it really special, right? We’re super happy to announce that Alliestraza will join the fun, playing and streaming the tournament live! Allie is without a doubt one of the biggest TCG Content creators in the world, so you absolutely need to check out her amazing content!!!

Welcome, Allie! We look forward to seeing you battle it out against Huncho in the finals 😛

This will take place on April 1st/2nd (depending on which time zone you’re in):

  • 1:00 pm PST — Saturday, April 1st
  • 4:00 pm EST — Saturday, April 1st
  • 7:00 am AEDT — Sunday, April 2nd

One change we’re making to this tournament, at the tournament organisers' discretion, if there are more than 5 rounds in total to be played, the final rounds may be held the following week at the same time. This is to support our global community, and an understanding of the total time commitment required to play in huge events such as this.

*We decided to move this event to the start of April, to make sure everyone had plenty of time to prepare, especially given the shake-up we’ve had with the meta thanks to all the new cards from 7 Deadly Sins.

As far as prizes go:

  • 1st Place 🥇 = $1,200 USD, in AVAX🔺 or Stablecoins
  • 2nd Place 🥈 = $600 USD, in AVAX🔺 or Stablecoins
  • 3rd/4th Place 🥉 = $300 USD each, in AVAX🔺 or Stablecoins
  • 5th-8th Place 🏅 = $200 USD each, in AVAX🔺 or Stablecoins
  • 9th-16th Place 🏅 = $100 USD each, in AVAX🔺 or Stablecoins
  • one (1) The Blockfather Crypto Legendary Card for each Top 16 finisher (distributed on AVAX🔺)
  • one (1) Rare Avalanche🔺 Spell Card for all participants (distributed on AVAX🔺)
    (limited to the first 256 registered players)
  • High-Value Target Bounties = Any player who knocks Huncho or Alliestraza out will win an ETH Genesis premium pack.

And you know it wouldn’t be an RTLOL tournament without some lucky door prizes…

  • five (5) lucky door prizes of $100 USD each, in AVAX🔺 or Stablecoins
  • one (1) lucky door prize of $500 USD each, in AVAX🔺 or Stablecoins
  • three (3) 7DS Collector Packs on AVAX🔺

And that’s not all — in order to make this our biggest tournament yet, we’re running a referral promo:

The three (3) community members who get the highest number of new players to compete in this tournament will receive a 7DS Collector Pack (distributed on AVAX🔺)

Are you excited? We’re excited. Just don’t pour your drink over your head, it might get on your keyboard

Overall, there’s never been a better time to get into RTLOL:

  • a fresh, new meta (thanks to the 7 Deadly Sins collection)
  • a guaranteed Rare Avalanche🔺 NFT Card for every player
    (limited to the first 256 registered players)
  • a record-breaking prize pool (and we’re just getting started!!!)

Just spread the word and share the link for RTLOL, asking any NEW players you get to register to input your discord name into the Blumint registration form under “referrer”, and then ensure that they check in and play at least one match.

NOTE: In order to count towards your referral total, each player has to be new to RTLOL tournaments (i.e. not have competed in a previous official tournament), and they need to register, check-in, and play at least one full match in this tournament.

And finally…

For one week — starting Monday, March 20th at 5:00 pm PST (the first day of GDC):

  • we’re bringing back the 10% mint fee discount on 7DS Collector Packs
  • for every pack minted on the Avalanche Chain🔺, we’ll airdrop the minter an Avalanche Rare Spell Card (distributed on AVAX🔺)

Whew. Alright. We think that’s it. Birthdays are hectic.

Long $RAINI sers.

Whether in San Fran, at our next tournament, or on our socials, see you all soon!



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