What you’ve all been waiting for.

Time to start stacking those Rainbows and Unicorns!

After extensive testing and tweaking, we’re proud to announce that staking is now live, the contracts are fully audited, and we’re good to go!

You can now stake pure $RAINI or RAINI-ETH LP tokens via https://raini.io/stake

Note that staking takes two transactions to finalise. The first is to approve the transaction. Once you click Approve, you will need to authorise the transaction and wait until that is finalised — then you will need to click Stake to initiate the staking transaction.

If you leave the site in between these two transactions, don’t worry — you can always resume where you left off!

Rrainbows and Unicorns are born in the Raini Staking Interface

Time to stake and start earning some Rainbows and Unicorns for our upcoming NFT drops! 🌈🦄

In case you’ve forgotten, the earning rates are as follows:

  • RAINI Pool 🌈
    1 Rainbow per hour for every 100,000 RAINI staked
  • RAINI-ETH LP Pool 🦄
    1 Unicorn per hour for every 1,000 RAINI-ETH LP tokens staked

Note that there is no minimum stake amount, there’s no unbonding period, and there’s no penalty for unstaking.

Additionally, for both pools, there will be a bonus multiplier tied to duration of stake. This multiplier will increase linearly by 0.5% per day, up to a maximum of 30% after 60 days of continuous staking .

Note that the initial use case for Rainbows and Unicorns is to redeem NFTs from our curated list of established and emerging artists & musicianss, plus trading cards which will be usable in our upcoming TCG.

We’re excited to bring outstanding content and value to our platform and will always strive to innovate, iterate and inspire. Thanks for all your support!

Look out for more exciting news over the next few days, including a batch of upcoming artist announcements & much much more!

Website: raini.io

Telegram: t.me/rainicornchat

Twitter: twitter.com/raini_coin (cashtag = $RAINI)

Uniswap: Buy on Uniswap

Etherscan, DEXTools + more: linktr.ee/rainicoin



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