Let the Greed run wild — our new mint starts SOON.

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We’ve been teasing this one for a bit, now it’s time to drop the alpha — the 7 Deadly Sins mini-set release is imminent. We’ve also got details on our special, new collection of 1-of-1 NFTs, including major perks for holding. Here’s all you need to know.

Greed never looked this good.

Introducing — The “7 Deadly Sins” Collection

This new mini-set will be very limited, featuring only Rare, Legendary, and Mythic cards — no Commons or Uncommons:

  • Rare = Edition of 600
  • Legendary = Edition of 200
  • Mythic = Edition of 100

Including the above Greed card, there will be 15 cards total — 7 Rares, 7 Legendaries (one of each rarity per color), and 1 Rainbow Mythic, spread across a total of only 1900 packs.

First, let's cover off the Sin cards (click the underlined names for full hi-res images of each card):

And their corresponding Virtue cards:

Plus the 15th — and final — card:

“You’re here to see who? Sloth and Meekness? They don’t work here, sorry. Maybe Wrath can help.”

As for Sloth and Meekness — you’ll just have to keep an eye on the Kanpai Pandas 🐼 and Chubbiverse 👽 Twitter accounts for these reveals 👀

The When and How

  • Drop Commencement Date & Time: Tuesday, February 14th at 5:00 pm EST (Wednesday, February 15th at 9:00 am AEDT)

7DS packs will be distributed on all three chains (ETH, AVAX, and BSC) as follows:

  • 3 different kinds of packs: Rainbow 🌈, Unicorn 🦄, and Collector ✨
  • Rainbow and Unicorn Packs will initially be made available via Rolling Raffles, paid in 🌈 or 🦄 respectively
  • Both Rainbow Raffles and Unicorn Raffles will be for 1 pack at a time and initially run for 10 hours each
  • Raffle Tickets can be purchased for 100 Rainbows 🌈 or 10 Unicorns 🦄 — with the former granting Rainbow Raffle tickets, and the latter granting Unicorn Raffle tickets
  • Rainbow Raffles and Unicorn Raffles will run at the same time, both moving to the next after every 10-hour period
  • Rolling Rainbow Auctions and Unicorn Auctions are tentatively scheduled to begin on February 21st
  • Rainbow & Unicorn Auctions will also initially be single card, rolling, 10-hour contests, wherein you’ll be able to enter your maximum bid in Rainbows (for a Rainbow pack auction) or Unicorns (for a Unicorn pack auction), and the system will automatically bid up to your maximum, pending competition
  • For Rainbow & Unicorn Auctions, the highest bid at the end of the timer will win and be able to mint a pack (no time limit on minting)
  • There will be a total of 200 Rainbow Packs and 200 Unicorn Packs made available for this mint, spread across the Rainbow & Unicorn Raffles, as well as the Rainbow & Unicorn Auctions
  • All Rainbow & Unicorn Packs will be 💸 free mints; no cost in ETH/BNB/AVAX (besides gas fees) 💸— only Rainbows and Unicorns are needed for raffle tickets or auction bids

While all cards in the 7DS mini-set are at minimum Rare, each pack contains 3 cards, and all packs in each pack type have different aggregate odds of containing Legendary or Mythic cards:

  • 🌈 Rainbow Packs = 10% Legendary, 1% Mythic
  • 🦄 Unicorn Packs = 25% Legendary, 2.5% Mythic
  • ✨ Collector Packs = 88.7% Legendary, 6.2% Mythic

Note that while these are aggregate odds of opening legendary or mythic cards across all of the packs of each pack type, because some packs actually contain more than one legendary or mythic, the odds of opening a legendary or mythic in an individual pack are a bit lower (but with the chance to open multiple legendaries or mythics in a single pack).

At this point you might be wondering how to get your hands on Collector Packs — after all, we’ve had “Rainbows” and “Unicorns” for a good while, but there’s no such thing as “Raini Sparkles” 😬

So uh, yeah. Here’s what’s up with that:

Chad Collectoooooors, Unite

Good grief

Big Chad Raini told us to save mentioning the Collector Packs ✨ for last, and since he was blasting a bunch of purple light through the screen we kind of had to do what he said.

He also lobbied for payment in “Raini Sparkles” but we had to break it to him that they didn’t exist (he wasn’t too happy about that — always been a big “sparkles” guy).

Now that we’ve calmed him down a bit, here’s the deal for all our peeps with big collectoooooor energy:

  • Initial Collector Pack ✨ listings = 200 on ETH, 200 on AVAX, 200 on BSC
  • This means a total of 600 Collector packs are available, to begin with

Collector Packs can be minted for a fixed cost of 0.1 ETH (on Eth — converted to approx. equivalent AVAX or BNB for those chains).

Key Notes:

  • Rainbow and Unicorn Pack Raffles, Collector Packs and 7DS Chad Bundles (more on these below) all go live on February 14th
  • All 7DS Packs are tentatively scheduled to become openable on February 16th
  • Each 🌈 and 🦄 Raffle is limited to a maximum of 10 Tickets per wallet
  • There will be a 10% discount on all Collector Packs and 7DS Chad Bundles for the first week of minting
  • Remaining Packs will be reserved for discretionary future usage — e.g. tournament prizes and/or to release for minting on the most popular chain(s)
  • Rainbow and Unicorn balances on a given chain will be able to be “locked” to the Rainiverse via a single on-chain transaction — these can then be combined by locking 🌈 and 🦄 from other chains held in the same wallet and used on raffles, auctions, and future Raini Studios NFT drops, without needing to pay gas until/unless you are actually minting an NFT

In addition, if you really want to load up on Legendary cards, lower your cost, and guarantee at least one Mythic, we’ve got one more option for you.


I made it up.

“So what the hell is a 7DS Chad Bundle?” you ask.

You’re supposed to already know, but since you clearly don’t, I guess we’ll just explain it here (with some emojis sprinkled in for good measure). 👀

So imagine you’re sitting at the computer with loads of ETH, ready to just mint the living Vegemite out of these Collector Packs.

It’s bloody delicious, mate.

Just as you’re about to spam the mint button into oblivion, you remember that big, boring Medium article you skimmed through five minutes ago:

“Something something ‘7DS Chad Bundles’ — what was that all about again?”

You quickly realize that there is a much better way to buy 17 Collector Packs:


  • 17 Collector Packs for the price of 15 💰
  • 1 Mythic Card guaranteed 🎁
  • “ahhhhh I’m coooooollectiiinnnngggg” 😮

Initially, a grand total of only nine 7DS CHAD BUNDLES will be made available — three on each chain. So better get while the gettin’ is good.

And oh, one more thing.

The Raini Signature Collection — One-of-a-Kind NFTs

We’re releasing this special collection as a gift to our high-end NFT aficionados.

These will not be in-game cards — rather, pieces in this series will be exclusive 1-of-1 works of art that provide the following perks:

  • Ongoing exclusive ability for the owner to use as their PFP in Raini Studios games, including RTLOL
  • Entitles you to claim a 1-hour private session with any Raini Studios team members of your choice to discuss whatever you like — art, game design, development, starting up a business, or even just getting some help with decks or playing some games!
  • You get to design your own RTLOL card for an upcoming set, having creative direction on the card name, art, and even abilities (NOTE: Raini Studios design team will need to sign off on this, and thus may need to make some edits to ensure the card 1. fits in with the universe, and 2. would be balanced and fun from a gameplay design perspective)

There is a live auction for our very first piece in this collection going on right now:


This one will run until Tuesday, February 14th, and we only plan on releasing these once every blue moon, so be sure not to miss out!

Godspeed, Rainians — after all of this upcoming sinning, we look forward to seeing you in hell soon 😈🦄

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