March Madness at Raini Studios


March is upon us, and at Raini Studios, we’re not just talking about the spring blossoms or the much-anticipated shift in weather. We’re rolling out a series of promotions so grand, they’re bound to make this month unforgettable for our beloved community of gamers, enthusiasts, and collectors alike.

Let’s get to it then!

For every individual existing out there who discovers themselves to be not particularly enamoured with, nor fond of, engaging in the often tedious process of meticulously sifting through, deciphering, and ultimately understanding long-winded, overly drawn-out, excessively verbose, unnecessarily detailed, and painstakingly elaborate Medium articles that tend to extend far beyond what is deemed necessary or enjoyable…
here’s the tl;dr of what you need to know for March 2024!

What a cute beaver!
  • February Rewards are being sent this week! (and updated player rewards start this month!)
  • Season 3 of RTLOL kicked off this week!
  • We have a special announcement regarding Legacy at GDC!
  • We’re heading to GDC!
  • It’s March Madness time! $50,000 in prizes to be won over 4 events in March!
  • Our next Dev AMA is this Thursday, on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter/X!
  • ChainZoku is hosting a MASSIVE tournament this weekend, with a spectacular prize pool (inc. $2,500 in $RST)!
  • Promo Packs are coming to the $RST Storefront!
  • Plus! The first reveal from the new Lucha Throwdown game at GDC!

Yep… so that’s a lot of alpha we’re dropping right here, and easily the BIGGEST month in the history of Raini Studios… so, lets break it down!

February Rewards

Player Rewards have been sent out this week for February, congratulations to everyone who played, collected, or battled their way up the leaderboards at the end of Season 2! A couple of highlights:

  • As per our updated tokenomics, 10% of $RST spent in the $RST Storefront during February was returned directly back to players, adding over 350,000 $RST in rewards!
  • Shoutout to George (aka Saruman_th_White) for his monumental efforts in February, playing over 1,800 games of RTLOL and claiming over 125,000 $RST for his Play and Earn efforts!
  • We had several new faces on the leaderboards this month, with a big shoutout to EndlesProgres for taking out the top spot on BOTH the Eternal and Seasonal Leaderboards!
  • In total, players in February collectively earned over 2.44 million $RST! Now that’s a spicy meatball!

Player Rewards update

Again, as mentioned in our tokenomics update, we will be adjusting the Player Rewards from Season 3 (March 2024) onwards, to provide more rewards to more players, and to also extend the planned 5-year program to 10 years total. To that end, from this month onwards we are making the following changes to the Player Rewards Program:


  • Players must have a Primary Wallet set at to be eligible for any Player Rewards. Raini Studios reserves the right to remove any player from the Player Rewards Program, for any reason, at any time, without notice or warning, for any duration. We call this the “fuck around and find out” rule.

Extending the Player Rewards Program

  • To allow the team to extend the Player Rewards program from 5 years to 10 years, we have halved the total tokens allocated each month. This means per month:
    - Leaderboard Rewards — 208,333 $RST
    - Play and Earn Rewards — 416,666 $RST
    - Collect and Earn Rewards — 416,666 $RST
  • However, starting from February 2024, we now also add 10% of all sales through the $RST Storefront into that month’s player rewards. For February 2024, this added 357,918 $RST to the total rewards.

Leaderboard Rewards

  • We’re updating the Leaderboard rewards to pay out the Top 1,000 players each month, based on the Seasonal Leaderboard. The new payout structure can be seen below:
The updated Leaderboard rewards, effective March 2024 onwards

Play and Earn Rewards

  • We’re updating the Play and Earn rewards to reward ALL players who play Quick Match (aka Ranked) games each month, with the following changes:
  • Playing with a Theme Deck — 10 P&E Points
  • Playing with Soulbound/Collectable Cards (points per card):
  • Bonus Win Multiplier- 5x
  • First 25 games played each day — 100% of P&E Points awarded
  • Next 25 games played each day — 50% of P&E Points awarded
  • Games 51+ — No P&E Points awarded

Collect and Earn Rewards

  • We’re happy with this system as it stands, so no changes will be made (see the previous medium for details of how Collect and Earn works, and don’t forget to link your wallet(s), and set a Primary Wallet, at

Season 3 Kickoff!

Season 3 is here! March, April, and May are set to be action-packed as we have a stacked Battle Pass ready for y’all, with exclusive Card Backs, Emotes, Legacy Packs, and more!

But wait, what’s Legacy I hear you ask?

Legacy is coming!

The next set for RTLOL, titled Legacy, will be revealed at GDC! More details coming soon, but this is shaping up to be an incredible set, with plenty of callbacks to previous sets/mechanics (and a few surprises in there as well!)

  • Some Legacy Collectable Packs/Cards will be allocated to outstanding legacy rewards from past promotions, such as Infused/Chroma/Golden Art NFTs.
  • Legacy Collectable Packs will be exclusively available through the $RST Storefront on BEAM.
  • Stay tuned for more details, and our first spoilers, during GDC! But wait, what’s GDC?

Raini Studios is heading to GDC!

The biggest annual gathering of the world's best game developers, GDC, is on again in San Fransisco later this month. Raini Studios will be in attendance, and will have RTLOL available to play on the Expo Floor alongside our friends at Avalanche and Merit Circle/BEAM! We had an absolute blast at GDC in 2023, where OG’s will remember we announced that RTLOL would be one of the first web3 games on the Epic Games Store!

GDC 2023 was pretty huge for us as a studio… so, how do we top that this year? Let’s see…


How about with our BIGGEST EVER GIVEAWAY!!!

$50,000 in $RST is up for grabs in March, and all you have to do to win… is play RTLOL :) Yep, no catches, no strings attached… it’s really that simple!

Ok, so here’s the deets:

During March, there will be 4 play sessions, each going for 6 hours. For each Quick Match that you play, and complete, during those sessions, you’ll earn points

  • Play a Game — 1 Point
  • Win a Game — 5 Points

At the end of the 4 sessions, we’ll add the points up, and divvy up the prizes! To be eligible, all you need to do is finish the tutorial for RTLOL, and have your wallet connected (and a Primary Wallet set) on Thats it! Shiver me timbers, that's easy!

If you miss out on this one, you’ll be walking the plank!

Dev AMA this week!

Come on, we can’t drop ALL of this on you, and not hang out and answer questions… Come chat with the team this Thursday on YouTube, Twitch, and/or Twitter/X! We’ll answer questions as well as draw the lucky door prize winners from the February Arcade x RTLOL Tournaments!

ChainZoku Tournament this weekend!

Need a warm-up for March Madness? Why not take a crack at this weekend’s ChainZoku x RTLOL Tournament, hosted by BluMint, with a MASSIVE $2,500 in $RST Prize Pool, as well as a ChainZoku NFT and CEDEN Create Pass in there as well!

Register here — BluMint
Download the game — Epic Games Store

Surprise Mint coming to the $RST Storefront!

Do you love the Promo Cards from RTLOL, but haven’t been able to play in Tournaments to win them? Well, do we have a surprise for you!

During March, we’ll be releasing a limited supply of Promo Packs on the $RST Storefront. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pick up some classic cards, and once they’re gone… they’re gone!

So, when is the mint??? Yeah… we’re not going to tell you 😝 You’ll just have to keep an eye on our socials, and jump in our Discord and our Telegram groups to not miss out! All Promo Packs will be exclusive to the $RST Storefront on BEAM.

  • There will be a total of 1,000 Promo Packs available, each pack containing 3 cards. The odds of a Legendary are approx 1 in every 2 Packs.

And finally…

Tune in during GDC for the gameplay reveal of Lucha Throwdown, the next title from Raini Studios! The team has been hard at work on this one, led by the legendary Mike Haller, so you KNOW it’s gonna be a banger!

As always, thank you for your support, it’s going to be a HUGE month for RTLOL and Raini Studios!



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