Masks: The Drop

After our recent successful auction of a physically backed NFT artwork by Jordi Mollá, it’s just about time to get the party started!

The Masks

Jordi was inspired by the facades that we all wear as we interact with the world, as we can’t help but present a certain version of ourselves in our interactions and keep a portion of our true selves hidden away.

The collection of 10,000 unique masks is fully 3D rendered and animated. A subset of the collection will receive physical redemption rights, via a mechanism yet to be revealed.

The mint will go live for a 2 hour presale period on Wednesday 8th December at 8pm UTC. Public sale will open at 10pm UTC. The mint will be accessible via:

Note that this collection is dropping only on Ethereum — as this is where the collection will live. We will be opening our point bridge within the next couple of days to enable users to bridge their 🌈 and 🦄 if they so choose.

The Art Basel Event

This is where the party’s at. For Art Basel in Miami on December 4th, KREW will be hosting a special early look at the drop, at the home of Jordi Mollá. There you’ll be brought on a tour of the project, and will be given behind a the scenes look the technology it requires.


As always we’ve reserved a portion of the supply for the Chaddest of Chad’s — our community members that stake and provide liquidity. There will be a total of 500 masks across two Raini pools: one pool being redeemable in both 🌈 and 🦄, and the other for just 🦄.

In addition, we are opening whitelist spots for those who have staked Raini, which will allow you to mint additional masks for ETH during the 2-hour presale window. Please complete this form if you wish to claim a whitelist spot.

You can also get a chance at a whitelist spot by joininig the KREW Discord here:

See you all on Telegram & Discord!

Jordi Mollà Drop Site:

Raini Discord:

Krew Studios Discord:


Raini NFT Platform:

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