New Year, New Name — and New Frens

After kicking off 2023 with a bang, we’ve got plenty more in store — starting with a brand new partnership, multiple Lords of Light tournaments, and much more. Let’s intro our new partner and talk about the tourneys!

Smol Chad Raini driving the Fren Ship, and looking a bit “Chubbi” 👀

Introducing our new partner…


Part of our vision for Raini: The Lords of Light (RTLOL for short, if you’re new) has always been to immortalize as much crypto culture and history as possible. Not only are our decks littered with a motley crew of characters that have — for better or worse — made Web3 what it is today, but we’re also looking to partner with projects we like and respect who’d like to be featured in our game.

With that in mind, Chubbiverse — an NFT project with big meme energy and a wonderful community — was a natural choice. Check some of their 2022 accomplishments (from their blog):

2022 — a whale of a year. Surely this calls for some frosting and sprinkles.

“The community got together IRL in New York and Singapore. Some of [the] biggest Wins [have] been gaining 1.8 billion GIPHY views, releasing multiple products (like profiles), and the Chubbishop.

1️⃣ Storytelling NFTs
2️⃣ 1.8 Billion Giphy views
3️⃣ Chubbishop
4️⃣ Profiles
5️⃣ Parties around the world
6️⃣ 7️⃣ Read & Click here to know more”

Big thanks to their co-founders StringStory and SpacePixel helping make this happen — we look forward to working with you in the months ahead!

Aside from the “Chubbi Aliens” RTLOL card pictured above, we’ve got a couple of events on deck with our new frens:

“Chubbi Aliens” Premint Raffle

WHEN: From now until Thursday, February 2nd @ 5:00pm EST (2:00pm PST, 10:00pm GMT, 9:00am AEST, etc.)


A total of ten (10) Chubbiverse Aliens (all Rare) RTLOL cards will be up for grabs — contest will be announced live on:

Raini Studios x Chubbiverse Twitter Spaces

WHEN: Wednesday, January 18th @ 7:00pm EST (4:00pm PST, midnight GMT, 11:00am AEST, etc.)


Artkin and AlCaTrAzz will be on-air representing Raini Studios, with Chubbiverse co-founders StringStory and SpacePixel repping their team. Brief overview:

  • Mutual intros and why we partnered up
  • What’s trending / hot in the NFT space
  • How we got into the NFT space
  • Chubbiverse — the lore on the aliens
  • Raini: The Lords of Light (RTLOL)
  • What’s Next?
  • Premint campaign
  • Community Q&A session

Feel free to submit questions in advance, we’ll be choosing a few to answer live!

Lords of Light Tournament Schedule — Q1 2023

Since we’re talking RTLOL cards, let’s check out the tournament schedule for the next couple of months:

NOTE: As was the case in our December tourney, each player will need to register two unique decks (please read full deck-building restrictions here), and each round will be decided by best-of-three, with one player winning two games total; one game with each deck.

February: Kanpai Pandas Tournament

March: Avalanche Tournament

  • 1st Prize = one (1) special Legendary RTLOL card
  • Top 10 = one (1) Avalanche RTLOL Spell card (all Rare)
  • Additional prizes to be confirmed soon

April: Chubbiverse Tournament

  • 1st Prize = one (1) Chubbi Frens Collection NFT
  • 2nd Prize = one (1) Chubbi Tee
  • 3rd Prize = one (1) Chubbi Cap
  • Top 10 = one (1) Chubbi Aliens RTLOL card (all Rare)
  • Lucky Door Prize 1 = one (1) Chubbi Frens Collection NFT
  • Lucky Door Prize 2 = one (1) Chubbi Tee

And remember — all three tourneys are completely free to enter for RTLOL alpha testers (apply at

Galloping full speed into 2023 — and beyond

That’s right — full speed, wankers.

2022 was a massive year for Raini — we built behind the scenes and laid a rock solid foundation for the future.

In 2023, we’re really looking to hit the ground running in a very visible and public manner — taking both Lords of Light and the entire Rainiverse to the next level.

What’s been seen to-date is just the tip of the iceberg. 🔺



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