On Top of Our Game — May Updates

It’s been a busy few weeks, and we’ve got plenty to share: a quick Avalanche Summit II recap, news on a couple of upcoming NFT drops, and what you need to know about what's happening in RTLOL land. Hint: we’re getting ready for prime time.

Raini co-founder J.J. Fiasson (Mindspheres) at the AVAX Summit, is clearly on top of his game.

Team Raini kicked off May by sending co-founder Mindspheres over to the Avalanche Summit II in Barcelona, Spain.

A brief primer (from their official Twitter):

J.J. and another team member not only showcased RTLOL on four demo computers for seven straight hours on one day but were also able to network with many Web3 partners over the course of the entire three-day event.

As we move aggressively towards launch, continuing to get this game in front of as many people as possible around the world — and networking with like-minded folks and potential partners in the process — will remain a priority for us.

Team RTLOL is on the road again!

With this in mind, next up for Team Raini is a trip to Pasadena, California for 3XPwhere our friend @Alliestrasza will be a featured speaker!

The enthusiasm and support we’ve seen for RTLOL thus far has been outstanding, and having a strong presence at events like this is a key part of our full-throttle efforts to bring this game to the masses 💪

We’re looking forward to carrying the Avalanche booth at 3XP!

On that note, we’ve got some pretty major news on The Lords of Light front — but first, let’s bury the lede just a little bit more and talk about a couple of NFT drops we’re excited about 👀

Starting the Summer Hot — Double Drops

Back in December, we announced the upcoming release of the ARTHRoN NFT collection; scheduled tentatively for early this year. While it took a bit longer than we’d hoped, we’re happy to be able to release these pieces in the very near future:

Being partial to non-winter months, these bloomin’ bugs will be available for 🌈 and 🦄 purchase EXCLUSIVELY in the next week or so — so keep those “Rainibucks” handy, because you’ll want to hold several of these.

If you collect enough, you’ll qualify for a future Infused NFT airdrop.

As far as a specific release date on these, we’re targeting Mid June* — so mark your calendars and keep an eye out for more details soon 👀

* Note that the date of this drop has been pushed back.

But wait, there’s more!

If you don’t know what this is, you’re too young. Grab some crayons, kid.

Shortly after ARTHRoN, we’ve got the next major RTLOL set to release — the “Tempus” drop. (fka “Seasons” during development)

To put this in context, our last series release was the 15-card “7 Deadly Sins” mini-set — “Tempus” will be a complete 51-card set:

  • 51 collectible NFT series — each granting permanent in-game usage of the corresponding RTLOL card, even after Open Beta ends 🔒
  • TWO Mythics in this set, the Rainbow Lotus and Aurora
  • Limited bundles are available for purchase via ETH/BNB/AVAX. These will function in a similar fashion to the 7DS drop, with a guaranteed Mythic per bundle.
  • The majority of packs will ONLY be purchasable via 🌈 and 🦄 purchases — a provision we’ll continue to honor as an ongoing “thank you” to long-term supporters.

Along with the above purchase options, packs will be made available via auctions, raffles, and whichever other mysterious means we come up with between now and then 🕵️‍♂️

And oh — “then” would be June 30th 😉

Remember, the clock is ticking on Open Beta — and along with it, free unlimited use of all RTLOL cards. Once we go live this summer, you’ll need to own a card to use it in-game.

Now is the time to get the cards you want the most ⌛

So, about that lede we’d buried…

For anyone who missed the last major RTLOL patch, it included:

  • a complete art overhaul to all cards to make them more accessible for new players; with card text now permanently visible in Deck Editor and in-hand, and;
  • brand-new card art for several dozen cards

And in the next patch, dropping later this week…

  • two tweaks to streamline the game experience: [1] all stats divided by ten (e.g. “70” becomes “7”), and [2] starting Hero HP reduced to 40,
  • the Promo Cards previously announced will be live and playable in-game, and;
Previously released promo cards will soon be active and usable in-game, just in time for our next Tournament!
  • a rework of the Seven Deadly Sins mythic… check it out, we think you’ll be demonically surprised!
huh, what's this? guess you’ll have to try the new patch to find out!

As the RTLOL full-launch swiftly approaches, we’re continuing to try and test ways to improve gameplay for a wider audience, while staying true to our original vision. This isn’t always an easy balance, and we’re grateful for all the feedback and assistance we’ve received from our loyal community along the way!

It wouldn’t be another Medium without another tourney announcement…

We couldn’t stop the universe’s cutest aliens from invading the Rainiverse. Too attracted to shiny things.

Chubbiverse tournament scheduled for June 3rd:

Prize Pool — TBA, but we can tell you this…

  • Every participant will receive a Chubbi Aliens Rare NFT Card
  • The winner will walk away with, at a minimum… a Legendary Satoshi Stacker NFT Card (which last sold for 2.7 Eth)!
With only 10 in existence, this is, without a doubt, the holy grail for collectors!

And finally…

As always, a huge thank you to our amazing community for helping us as we accelerate towards an EPIC end of Q2… stay tuned, there are going to be more Mediums dropping soon as well! LFG!

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