Preparing for a Raini Season

The calm before the typhoon


We hope you’re all excited, because the energy in the Raini team is effusive to say the least!

Off the back of a very successful card pack drop, and investment from Rarestone Capital, we’ve doubled down on growth, making key additional hires in both our platform and game development divisons and we’ve got a few updates to share with you all.

Platform Updates

A number of additional developers and other resources are joining our platform team through October. This should further accelerate our progress in delivering key roadmap items — and will also allow us to better finesse some of the existing aspects of the platform.

NFT Staking is currently our primary focus in terms of new features, with the staking of Gold and Chromatic NFTs to earn Raini, and staking of RTLOL cards to earn xPHOTON coming very soon, and NFT bridging between ETH & BSC is following shortly thereafter.

PFP Raini Avatars

There’s been a constant drip of requests for Rainiverse avatars, and those requests have not gone unheard.

We are indeed working on PFP NFT collections for the Raini community.

These avatars won’t be merely cosmetic in nature. As with all things, we seek to add extra value and utility to our supporters, and as such Raini avatars will have cross-platform functionality, offer unique perks, and be linked to RTLOL itself.

More details soon!

RTLOL Updates

We have bulked up the game development staff, and the team is thrilled to see our vision coming to life.

We wanted to share some tidbits with you. Note that these details are subject to change pending gameplay and balance adjustments, but this is currently what we’re looking at:

  1. Initially, the game will be playable in WebGL, which means most modern browsers will work. Support for Android, iOS, Switch, and full desktop app support are all under consideration for the roadmap.
  2. The colors of the cards represent heroes blessed by one of the seven Lords of Light — plus Rainbow 🌈 as special card types. Each color will have a predominantly exclusive effect.
  3. Card rental mechanisms are.. on the cards.
  4. We will be introducing mechanisms for fractional ownership, for rental to be paid as Photons or as a percentage of the renter’s earnings 🔥.
  5. We are also exploring a more continuous auction rental system on a game-by-game basis, which would enable maximal utilisation of card assets by other players. This approach would help ensure that coveted card assets are not sitting there idle, but are constantly producing yield for owners.
  6. You can now see the floor price of the cards in our BSC marketplace. BSC pack selling will also be available soon.

We will be releasing more gameplay details soon, but for now, balancing and testing is required to ensure that whatever we announce is as close to locked in as possible.

We have also acquired, which goes straight into our game’s landing page to make it easier for you to follow. We will be filling that up with information about the game as we go.

We are looking to expand our team even more. If you would like to work with us, please complete the this Google form.

We are currently looking for the following in particular:

  • Talented 2D and 3D artists — especially those who are confident in matching the style for our existing RTLOL cards.
  • Experienced full stack developers, or smart contract devs.

See you all on Telegram & Discord!

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