Quick Hits: New Trailer, New Mint, then… 👀

Although we’ve got a major (epic!) Medium update in the works for next week, we wanted to share a couple of items: a brand-new RTLOL launch trailer, and full details on the ARTHRoN NFT drop next week — including art previews. Let’s get into it!

…or you can just binge RTLOL tourney footage; we’ve heard some people prefer to watch 😬

You Only Get One “First Impression”

So with that in mind, we’ve prepared a brand new launch trailer ahead of the RTLOL full release on the Epic Games store:

Oh, yeah, it’s all comin’ together.

Raini Studios’ journey from “Web3 startup” to a full-fledged Game Dev studio has been an enriching experience to date, and we’ve got so much more planned! But the RTLOL launch is a special milestone, and as such we’re doing everything we can to bring this great game — one we’ve built together, alongside our fantastic community — to a much larger audience.

Details matter, and we’re working hard to nail every one 🎯

We’ll have more word on RTLOL soon, but for now, let’s get to our news for next weeks drop:

Raini Studios Presents — ARTHRoN: The NFT Collection

From the incredibly talented 3,QUATORZE based in Marseille, France comes this brand new collection of exclusive works of art!

Here’s the rundown:

  • WHEN = Monday, June 19th at 9:00 pm EST (Tuesday, June 20th at 11:00 am AEST). This will be directly after our regular Developer AMA, hosted on the Raini Studios YouTube.
  • HOW = Head on over to https://www.raini.io/home, connect your wallet and go nuts! Don’t forget, like the 7DS Mint, you’ll need to convert your existing Rainbows and Unicorns to “Rainiverse Rainbows and Unicorns”, which you can do ahead of time on the 7DS Mint page (https://www.raini.io/the-lords-of-light). Strongly recommended if you want to be ready for the mint!
  • Keep in mind, with the new Rainiverse Bows/Corns system, once you hit purchase, the NFTs are yours! (You can actually Mint them whenever you like, just in case gas prices decide to go crazy on us)
for the tl;dr crowd, here are all the deets in a nice convenient table!
  • COST = Starting from 1000 Rainbows / 100 Unicorns. As with our last drop, wallet limits will be removed after 30 minutes if there are any NFTs remaining, and there will be zero minting fees for purchases made with Rainbows or Unicorns.
  • This is a series of four (4) different NFT versions, with each version having a total supply regardless of which chain they are minted to — bringing the full collection size to 500 NFTs

Infused NFT Airdrop

In order to obtain the 5th and final Infused NFT, you’ll need to acquire a minimum number of copies of each NFT (outlined in the Infused NFT Requirement column) by the snapshot date. This means that you’ll need at least 8 copies of Vesperoth, as well as 6 copies of Zelonar, and so on.

If you manage to meet this requirement and hold all 20 requisite NFTs in the same wallet on the snapshot time of 12pm UTC on 31st July 2023, congratulations — this means that you will have qualified for the Infused NFT to be airdropped to you.

As a reminder, in addition to featuring amazing art in their own right, Infused NFTs will offer added utility within our upcoming game, RTLOL, which will effectively allow you to substantially increase your $PHOTON earnings by deploying them.

To reward committed collectors for meeting the increased requirements to qualify for this Infused NFT airdrop, it will be our most powerful one yet, so get your bows & corns ready; this is not one that you’ll want to miss!

I’ve read all of the above… Wen Medium?

Hey, that screen looks oddly familiar

We’re almost ready to drop a Heavy on y’all, but… we’re going to make you wait until next week 😏but, here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll see in next week's Medium :)

  • Chubbiverse Tournament Recap
  • A full recap of the team @ 3XP, the largest web3 gaming conference in the world.
  • The new launch trailer, as seen on rtlol.com
  • A full breakdown of the web5 economy being built for RTLOL (including our reward systems for Play/Collect/Win)
  • Deets for the Tempus (fka Seasons/Set 2) Drop on 30th June.
Not long to go until y’all get your hands on some of the hottest mythics in the Rainiverse!
  • Oh, and you know… some more info about the full launch of Raini: The Lords of Light, on the Epic Games Store!
five legends, looking at each other ♨️

Catch y’all next week! LFG!

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