Raini: A Metaverse Index

It’s our birthday and yes — we’ve got some juicy news.

Happy Birthday Sir Chad!

On March 17th 2021, Raini was born via a fair public launch, and humble aspirations to launch an NFT platform. As many of you know, our journey kicked off with an unexpectedly big bang.

The Chaddest Chad is electrified and ready to party!

Since then, the team has strived to continually expand and evolve the Rainiverse, with foundational support from all of you — our amazing community. It has been a truly incredible ride so far.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the huge amount of support over our first year, and to reinforce that we are just getting started . There’s so much on the way that we can’t talk about — yet. Thankfully we’ve got some things we can, so let’s crack on.

$RAINI: A Metaverse Index

As we’ve spoken about a number of times before, the Raini project is rapidly evolving into a top tier blockchain gaming studio and publisher. We intend to develop multiple games, and work with other studios to release games under the Raini banner (watch this space).

So, the big question that many of you are asking, is how does $RAINI fit into all of this?

Our intention is for every title we develop, or publish, the $RAINI token will have exposure. This exposure is designed to benefit Raini holders in multiple ways, all without putting downward pressure on the $RAINI token. That means for every new title that is released, the reasons to hold Raini go up. Some of the benefits are once-offs (like airdrops), but others like staking and fee distributions, effectively stack & amplify yield flowing to the Raini token.

Ultimately, the $RAINI token will serve as a Metaverse Index Token for all titles developed or published by Raini.

With respect to RTLOL, there are 4 key ways in which $RAINI benefits. Some of these are focused on rewarding active Raini ecosystem participants, while others are open to anyone who buys and holds $RAINI:

  1. xPHOTON Airdrop Part 1— that’s right, shortly before the RTLOL metaverse launch, all Raini holders will become eligible for an xPHOTON airdrop!
  2. xPHOTON Airdrop Part 2—for those of you holding Gold & Chromatic NFTs, or providing Liquidity (plus those of you staking cards already earning xPHOTON)
  3. PHOTON staking pools — we will be launching two dedicated $RAINI staking pools within RTLOL: a single sided pool, and an LP pool.

On top of all of this, we will again be allocating a number of second edition card packs to RAINI pools, which will be mintable with 🌈 and 🦄 .

Airdrop Shenanigans

To celebrate Raini’s first birthday last week, as well as to show our appreciation for many of our early supporters, we took snapshots of all Gold and Chroma NFT holders. This snapshot will be used to confirm eligibility for the upcoming Gold & Chroma xPHOTON airdrop .

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an aiiirdrop!

We also took a snapshot of all wallets holding each of the Deadly Sins NFT’s — to that end, we are pleased to reveal that the bonus for holding all 7 Deadly Sins on Raini’s birthday is a special commemorative Infused NFT, usable within the RTLOL game. This will be airdropped before the full RTLOL game launch. Congratulations to everyone who managed to catch themall and qualify for this bonus!

Gold & Chromatic NFT Staking on Fantom

With NFT bridging available between Eth and Fantom, if you haven’t already done so, you can now bridge your upgraded NFT’s across to Fantom, stake them on the raini.io website, and start earning $RAINI rewards there.

Note that, as was the case with the BSC NFT staking pool, the Fantom NFT staking pool will run for a total of 12 months, which means it will be open until Raini’s second birthday — on March 17, 2023.

Since it takes 8 months of staking time for an NFT to have its stamina fully depleted, we recommend jumping on this and working out your plan as soon as possible.

New Card Reveal

Exhibit A: What happens to people who short Raini


  • Classification: Uncommon Pink Spell
  • Play Cost: 2 Pink Gems + 3 Colorless Gems
  • Game Text: Destroy a non-Icon minion. It’s owner is healed by it’s HP value.

Has your opponent just played an ultra powerful minion that needs to be dealt with pronto? Well then you might need to Liquidate it!

Guaranteed to remove any minion* (*Icons not included), at the low low cost of 5 total gems and a heal effect on the minion’s owner.

Whilst the heal effect acts as an additional drawback when used offensively, it provides some flexibility in allowing the card to situationally be used defensively as well. For example, if you are on the verge of death and need to heal your hero, feel free to liquidate your own minion — no price is too high to keep stayin’ alive.

Note: Stats and effects are subject to change

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