Raini: A Metaverse Index

It’s our birthday and yes — we’ve got some juicy news.

Happy Birthday Sir Chad!

The Chaddest Chad is electrified and ready to party!

$RAINI: A Metaverse Index

$RAINI provides exposure to RTLOL as well as future game franchises
  1. xPHOTON Airdrop Part 1— that’s right, shortly before the RTLOL metaverse launch, all Raini holders will become eligible for an xPHOTON airdrop!
  2. xPHOTON Airdrop Part 2—for those of you holding Gold & Chromatic NFTs, or providing Liquidity (plus those of you staking cards already earning xPHOTON)
  3. PHOTON staking pools — we will be launching two dedicated $RAINI staking pools within RTLOL: a single sided pool, and an LP pool.

Airdrop Shenanigans

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an aiiirdrop!

Gold & Chromatic NFT Staking on Fantom

New Card Reveal

Exhibit A: What happens to people who short Raini
  • Classification: Uncommon Pink Spell
  • Play Cost: 2 Pink Gems + 3 Colorless Gems
  • Game Text: Destroy a non-Icon minion. It’s owner is healed by it’s HP value.



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