Raini is Going to the Opera

And this time, it’s not just inside your mind.

The 👻 of the Opera is here.

After months of planning and behind-the-scenes work, we’re excited to share the first part of our forthcoming plans for Raini in 2022.

As many of you know, the high gas costs and transaction times on Ethereum have presented significant hurdles for as long as the Raini Traini has been under way.

Whilst we have offered a viable alternative solution through BSC for some time, we’ve been keeping an eye out for a chain that was fast, cheap, and decentralised — the golden trifecta so to speak. So yes, ladies and gentlemen, $RAINI will soon be listed on Fantom‘s premier DEX, Spookyswap! 👻.

Features and Functionality

This development will see Raini become a tri-chain project, with cross-chain bridging for tokens & NFTs powered by RainiBridge. This full-featured expansion to Fantom includes:

  1. A fully functioning Ethereum ⟨ ⟩ Fantom $RAINI token bridge
  2. A sizeable $RAINI-USDC liquidity pool on Spookyswap
  3. Full Rainbow & Unicorn (LP) staking functionality.
  4. Gold & Chroma NFT Staking + NFT Bridging

We will also progressively roll out all the other Raini platform features that you know and love — including our own NFT marketplace.

In addition to offering our community members with a fast and affordable decentralised chain to base themselves on, our Fantom Expansion should translate to more attention, more investors, and a number of key collaborations for Raini.

Additionally, the utility token for The Lords of Light, $PHOTON, will be launched on FTM due to its insanely low fees and ultra-fast finality.

Launch Plans

Official launch dates and exact logistical information will be announced on our socials on Twitter, in our Telegram, and Discord very soon.

We’re in discussions with the Spookyswap team & Fantom Foundation to help ensure Raini’s launch on FTM gets off to a roaring start!

Our launch day Medium will include resources for how to connect to and utilise the Fantom chain for anyone who needs guidance.

As always, the Raini team is always here to do their best in providing the most seamless experience for everyone.

Deadlier Deadly Sins

Greed seems to have paid off nicely for this strapping young lad.

Don’t worry — we wouldn’t dare to leave you hanging — your absolution is nigh. There were many completionists out there calling for the final 3 sins to be dropped pronto.

In addition to this, a number of you recently expressed sadness to learn that Golden and Chroma NFT upgrades will be phased out for future NFT drops in favour of infused NFTs, and asked for one final chance to mint a Gold or Chroma NFT.

Not wanting to disappoint, we have shuffled our NFT drop schedule so that next on the list will be the 7 deadly sins, Part 2 (with Fractually’s generative drop coming soon afterwards). Consisting of the Lust, Sloth and Greed pieces, this will double as the final NFT drop with Golden and Chroma NFT upgrades enabled — so don’t miss your chance to mint a piece of Raini history!

All details including the confirmed drop date and time will be announced very soon, so stay tuned! A little bird also suggested that there might be a bonus for anyone who manages to collect all 7 sins 👀.

New Card Reveal

To support and tie in with our new chain announcement, this week’s card reveal is “Crypto Shill” — one of Purple’s initial spell cards — featuring none other than good old Bitboy Crypto.

Crypto Shill

  • Classification: Common Purple Spell
  • Play Cost: 3 Purple Gems + 2 Colorless Gems
  • Game Text: Banish all minions.

Crypto Shill will be one of 24 non-base spell cards featured within RTLOL’s initial game release — and will be one of the cards openable in our second edition pack drop, coming very soon.

The banish effect will return a minion back to its owner’s hand and reduce its play cost to zero, which can be used offensively in a variety of ways; such as removing a minion with Guard from the game board, filling up an opponent’s hand and causing them to overdraw, and/or simply forcing a minion to be re-played (thereby likely missing its next attack).

Note: Stats and effects are still subject to change

Oh and in case you missed it, this happened:

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