Raini: Lords of… Lunar?

In celebration of the Lunar New Year — the “Year of the Rabbit” — we’ve released a special gift for our Lords of Light alpha players. Plus, more on the ARTHRoN drop, upcoming RTLOL pack drops, and our next community tournament. Let’s take a trip down the rabbit hole.

“Uh, not sure I can fit down the rabbit hole.”

Our Gift to Alpha Players: “Year of the Rabbit” Airdrop

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, each and every wallet whitelisted for RTLOL Alpha access has received the following card:

Since Avalanche will be the native chain for RTLOL, this NFT card airdrop has been sent on the AVAX chain — so check your wallets if you’re a registered alpha player!

NOTE: while this “Year of the Rabbit” airdrop is an AVAX exclusive, future card releases will also appear on ETH and BSC chains — along with AVAX.

Here are the marketplace page links:

More details on in-game specifics coming soon — congrats to all who qualified 🙌

But Wait, There’s More—ARTHRoN and RTLOL Pack Drops

A bag full of Raini goodies — gift bag not included.

Here’s the latest on these two items — we’d previously teased the ARTHRoN drop as a late-January release, but with our recent rebrand and current momentum behind Lords of Light, we’ve decided to switch things up a bit:

  • We’ll be releasing a special mini-set card drop“7 Deadly Sins” — in February
  • The ARTHRoN collection will go live in March
  • Second-edition pack drop in April

With rapid progress being made on the Lords of Light front in recent weeks, we decided it was best to get another RTLOL-focused drop in before the ARTHRoN release. Generally speaking, we’re always prepared to hit release date targets — but from time to time, moving things around may end up making more sense. In these cases, we often will do just that.

There’s always a careful balance to strike between structure and adaptability, and we strive to master it 🎯

**More on the above bullet points — including the first “7 Deadly Sins” card reveal — will be shared early this coming week on a live AMA with AlCaTrAzz (details below!)**

But before we get to that, we wanted to share a brief but crucial piece of info on our RTLOL pack drops — some good news for our OG and current collectors.

Does “in with the new” mean “out with the old”?

These some fly new cards man.

As more RTLOL sets are released, some have wondered if older card releases will still be relevant as time goes on.

We’re happy to share that they definitely will — there will be no “reprints” of older NFT cards.

While we have previously indicated that we had no plans to reprint cards, we are now happy to upgrade that to a public commitment to never re-print any RTLOL NFT cards.


NOTE: We do plan on releasing a more formal and precise outline of reprint policy specifics in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

As new cards are developed and released, we will continue to give a great deal of thought to maintain the usefulness and relevance of older releases within RTLOL game mechanics.

Enabling a variety of different cards, decks, and strategies to be effective — irrespective of age — is an important dynamic to maintain within RTLOL gameplay, and will remain at the forefront of our minds as we build.

So be sure to keep your OG cards ready — they’ll always be viable as part of a winning strategy 💪

Get ready for next week…

Speaking of cards, decks, and strategy — we’ve got another RTLOL tourney coming up for everyone in just under a week 🔥

  • Date & Time = January 28th @ 11:00am EST (January 29th @ 2:00am AEST)
  • Hosted by Blumint
  • Format = Single-Elimination

Prizes will be as follows:

  • 1st Place 🥇 = one (1) ETH Premium pack 🦄
  • 2nd Place🥈 = one (1) ETH Enhanced pack 🌈
  • 3rd & 4th Place🥈 = one (1) BSC Core pack 🌈
  • Top 8 🥉 = one (1) AVAX “Year of the Rabbit” Digital Collectable card 🐰
  • “Lucky Door” Prizes 🍀 = one (1) ETH Premium pack + two (2) AVAX “Year of the Rabbit” cards 🐰

We hope to see you all there!

“So, are there any other new cards on the way?”

Sure, but we’re not telling you about them.


Pepecorn always brings big troll energy.

Suppose you really want some hints about new cards, including the first 7DS card reveal. In that case, you might want to tune in to the brand new™ Raini Studios AMA with Lead Designer AlCaTrAzz this week on Monday, January 23rd @ 5:30 pm EST (Tuesday, January 24th @ 9:30 am AEST):


Of course, this might just be an hour of AlCaTrAzz running down his favorite fried chicken spots in Sydney.

Sydney, Australia — fried chicken capital of the world.

Only one way to find out! 🔊

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