Raini: The Evolution

As Raini has grown and progressed, we’ve strived to incorporate new ideas and innovations, while staying true to our roots.

We like to think that in the most volatile market in history, we’ve handled this well, as when constant change is the name of the game, flexibility and the capacity to roll with the punches has been key to our long-term growth.

Even after the announcement of our partnership with Krew Studios, and the upcoming Jordi Mollà drop, and the release of RTLOL card staking, we’ve still got so much more in the works that we’re excited to share with you all very soon. With that said, we know that many of you are keen for more right now.

Luckily and as always, we’ve got the goods.

Evolving NFTs: Round 2

We’re excited to announce that a surprise Evolving NFT drop is coming Wednesday, November 17th, featuring stellar work by Andy Thomas.

The drop consists of five animated pieces, each containing elaborate depictions of weather conditions. Incorporating our keen eye for gamification, the NFTs are capable of being merged, to produce a Golden Evolving NFT, which will display pieces that reflect real-time weather data based on your chosen location.

Andy’s vast artistic experience ranges from creating stage concert visuals for well known musicians, including Bjork and Empire of the Sun, to showcasing his art at a number of major events across the world, including the 2018 Total Chaos conference in Bulgaria, the 2016 & 2018 Rainbow Serpent festival in Australia, and the 2016 Ozora festival in Hungary.

Over the last two decades Andy Thomas has developed an iconic visual language that is uniquely his own. Using a combination of digital technology and water colours, Thomas’ work is a symbolic representation of nature’s collision with technology.

More detail on this drop will come next week!

Governance Updates

It’s been the intention from the start to gradually move Raini towards a more decentralised model. Our long-term plan has always been to bring smart-contract mediated governance votes into the equation, however while that’s still a little way off, we wanted to take a number of steps to normalise community decision-making as part of the Raini ecosystem.

It is therefore our pleasure to announce that we will be rolling out a number of informal governance features, which will enable you all to actively help shape the direction we go in together.

More will be revealed in the very near future, but at a high level, community members will initially be able to:

  • Vote on and propose new RTLOL card additions
  • Vote on and propose new NFT artists
  • Vote on and propose new platform features

The Raini family is growing

We are currently looking for talented Unity developers, and 3D artists.

If you would like to work with us, please complete the attached google form.

See you all on Telegram & Discord!

The Lords of Light OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/rtlol

Discord: https://discord.gg/Hfrjjd3SV6

Telegram: t.me/rainicornchat

Raini NFT Platform: raini.io

Raini Launchpad: raini.io/launchpad

Twitter: twitter.com/raini_coin (cashtag = $RAINI)

Pancakeswap: Buy on Pancakeswap

Uniswap: Buy on Uniswap

Ethereum & BSC Contract: 0xeb953eda0dc65e3246f43dc8fa13f35623bdd5ed

Etherscan, DEXTools + more: https://raini.me/linktree

Building an NFT-supercharged DeFi and Gaming Universe

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Building an NFT-supercharged DeFi and Gaming Universe

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