Raini: The Lords of Light — Project Updates

There’s no two ways about it, it’s been a long year for all of us.

After a furious 2021 bull market, 2022 brought the bear out of hibernation. The days of going full degen into whatever new launch hit crypto Twitter and getting nothing but green candles came to screeching halt.

Cue Bobo:

But no matter, high quality projects see bear markets as an opportunity to hunker down and build — and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing here at Raini all year.

Our focus has been simple — build the best TCG on the market today. And with that in mind, we’ve got some big updates coming down the pipeline to close the year out strong!

With the next phase of RTLOL game testing fast approaching, we’ve very excited to share exactly where we’re at and what’s next for our flagship product. As you all know, we’re constantly looking to improve Lords of Light, and we rely heavily on you — the Raini community — for feedback on building this thing.

But before we get to those RTLOL updates, we’d like to share another piece of major news for anyone who may have missed it.

Kanpai Pandaship

We have officially partnered up with Kanpai Pandas, a collection of 10,000 stylistically curated hand-drawn NFTs that exist on the Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, AVAX, Fantom, Arbitrum and Optimism chains. One of the project leads for Kanpai Pandas is our very own OG Rainian, Ice Bagz.

The collection minted out in September, and to celebrate our partnership, we have designed an awesome card to immortalize five of the pandas within the world of RTLOL, and are running two huge competitions together!

The first contest is a Gleam campaign, with a prize pool consisting of 10 copies of this new card — you can complete the necessary tasks for multiple entries into this contest here.

The second contest will be a sponsored tournament, forecast to be run in December, which will consist of another 10 copies of this card, as well as a Ethereum Kanpai Panda NFT (the collection currently has an Eth floor price well above the mint price that works out to be around $500 USD).

Updates on the tournament will be posted in the weeks ahead, so for now just make sure you follow both @raini_coin and @KanpaiPandas on Twitter, so that you don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!

You can also check out their website if you want to learn more about our awesome partner: https://kanpaipandas.io

Second EditionCard Packs — dropping in 2022:

After a long time between drinks, the timefor RTLOL’s second pack drop is fast approaching. We have a tentative drop schedule planned to kick off in December 2022, so it’s about time we let you know some of the juicy details.

The card packs contain cards with three different levels of rarity; Rare, Legendary and Mythic. Each card pack will contain at least 3 cards of Rare quality or better. The higher the rarity of a card the more powerful it is compared to the other cards. The first Genesis Card Pack has already dropped, but now the second one is well on its way.

Second Edition Card Pack Details

With the second card pack drop imminent (don’t worry, we’ll give you ample notice to prepare), so we wanted to take the opportunity to flag some details that differ from the genesis card pack drop:

  • There will only be one type of second edition card pack.
  • Each second edition card pack will contain 3 cards.
  • Second edition card packs will ONLY contain cards of Rare, Legendary and Mythic quality; with each card pack having the same chance of containing cards of higher rarity tiers.
  • To improve access to the game and reduce barriers to entry for new players, all common and uncommon second edition cards will be enabled for all players in the full release of the game without restriction. Note that players will still need to own common and uncommon genesis card NFT’s in order to use them in decks.
  • We will still be requiring decks to consist of a majority of NFT cards in order to maximize play and earn rewards, but will be building in a generous buffer to avoid penalising players who choose to include some base and/or second edition common & uncommon cards in competitive decks.

For this second card pack drop, we will be launching a gamified dual system to more fairly distribute the Rainbow & Unicorn pool card packs.

  • System 1: Rolling Auctions. From the commencement time of the drop, we will launch 4 simultaneous rolling auctions of one or more card packs; 2 of these auctions will only accept bids in Rainbows, and the other 2 will only accept bids in Unicorns (one of each on BSC, and one of each on Eth).
  • System 2: Rolling Raffles. In a similar fashion to the auctions, from drop commencement, we will begin to allow tickets to be purchased for 4 raffles, each with a prize of one or more card packs. at any given time. Tickets for Rainbow Raffles will only be purchaseable with Rainbows, and tickets for Unicorn Raffles will only be purchaseable with Unicorns.

Both systems will maintain relatively short durations for each auction/raffle, lockout periods for wallets that win, and will be set up so that new auctions/raffles will automatically commence at the conclusion of each previous auction/raffle, until all packs allocated to the system have been won.

Key Benefits

These changes to our rainbow and unicorn systems are being made to address feedback and a number of requests regarding our legacy rainbow/unicorn system.

In addition to a number of other items, the new system should provide the following key benefits:

  • Assist with mitigating against inflationary pressure seen with rainbows/unicorns over time by providing opportunities for “whale” rainbow/unicorn holders to potentially spend a large amount of points in order to guarantee pack allocations to themselves.
  • Enabling the free market to decide on the price/value of card packs.
  • Opening a mini-game for community members to compete with each other to acquire packs for the lowest cost possible, and/or to maximize the number of packs they can obtain.
  • Providing holders with even small rainbow/unicorn balances the chance to win one or more card packs, if they are lucky and/or play one of the systems well enough.
  • Helping to support prices of cards and card packs on secondary markets via an increase in the implicit value / cost base of acquired packs.

Alpha Alert!

As we draw closer to kicking off the first of many RTLOL tournaments, we will be processing an additional intake of RTLOL Alpha testers in the next few weeks.

We currently have around 200 testers, but are now looking to bring more testers into the fold to experience the game first-hand!

So if you are interested in playing the game and preparing to win some highly valuable prizes in the upcoming tournaments and haven’t already done so, please complete the Alpha application form on our dedicated RTLOL-website: https://alpha.rtlol.com/

Liquidity Provider Reward Changes

After repeatedly extending $RAINI LP rewards beyond the initial 6 months period they were planned for (for well over a year now), we will finally be making the shift away from $RAINI rewards and across to a system that is more sustainable over the long-term.

To this end, whilst we will re-fill each LP pool one final time in November, from 1 December 2022 onwards, we will no longer be refilling the RAINI LP pools with additional $RAINI tokens, and will instead be launching xPHOTON reward pools.

Any time from 1 December onwards, you’ll be able to easily migrate your RAINI/ETH or RAINI/BNB LP across to new pools and begin earning xPHOTON, which can be redeemed for vesting PHOTON tokens once the full RTLOL game is launched. Details on how to do this will be posted in the lead-up to the great migration.

In addition to helping to ensure adequate supply of $RAINI for the NFT staking pools and other purposes in the future, this should help support $RAINI price by reducing overall emissions.

Note: xPHOTON will be redeemable for vesting PHOTON at a ratio that will be set at TGE. This ratio will be defined by the percentage of PHOTON dedicated to the xPHOTON incentive pool. PHOTON tokens obtained via this method will vest over 12 months.

Tournament Time

This is the big one — we’re in the final stages of laying the developmental and collaboration foundations to kick off the first of many RTLOL tournaments by the end of the year.

Each of these tournaments will be incentivized with valuable prize pools including limited edition cards, card packs, valuable collection NFT’s, and xPHOTON — so we strongly encourage you to get your alpha application in, and start working on your decks and gameplay now!

RTLOL TCG Alpha Application Form — https://alpha.rtlol.com/

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