Raini Update: We’re Putting a Krew Together

Raini began with a particular focus on presenting high-quality, curated artistic offerings as NFT drops, using staking and yield farming concepts in order to facilitate a novel “membership-through-liquidity-provision and token holding” model.

As our hub of DeFi products has expanded, we’ve retained a strong commitment to this original mission. To that end, we’re excited to announce today that we’re entering into our first long-term partnership on the production side, with the talented team at Krew Studios.

Rambino and Emily Rose are the creative force behind Krew Studios

Krew Studios is a talented duo comprised of Rambino and Emily Rose Fiander, who collectively bring years of experience working with A-list brands, artists, and celebrities, including Hypebeast, Boohoo, Future, Maejor, Pinterest, Jean Paul Gautier, Belly, Wiz Khalifa, NBA Youngboy, Maejor and Teyana Taylor.

At Krew, Rambino and Emily have sought to use their unique style of creative direction and production to help artists reveal the story and the meaning behind their work, while doing so in a manner that can bridge the physical and digital space in an ever-online world.

Having access to exclusive brands, artists, and galleries, and sharing our passion for highlighting the deep meaning behind amazing creations, Krew will work closely with Raini to bring the traditional art space into the crypto sphere, through a series of curated NFT lineups.

The Mask-Off Moment

Our first project in collaboration with our friends at Krew will be MASKS, a collection of unique digital masks, based on a collection of meticulously hand-painted masks created by the artist and actor, Jordi Mollà.

Hailing from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, and originally trained as an actor at the Barcelona Institute of Theatre, Jordi is known for his work in films such as the critically acclaimed Blow with Johnny Depp and Penélope Cruz, in addition to roles in Bad Boys II, Knight and Day, Colombiana and Riddick. More recently, Jordi starred as the Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Reyes, in Season 2 of Jack Ryan.

Jordi’s pursuit of artistic expression goes outside of film, to the realm of paint and sculpture: his MASKS lineup is intended to pull back the layers that hide the true value in a person’s soul and character, demonstrating the connection between who we choose to appear as in externally, and who we are truly, deep within.

Major benefit of being a double-threat (artist & actor): feature in your own artwork!

More details around this drop will be forthcoming soon, but we can reveal that stakers of Raini will be entitled to a special allocation from this drop via Rainbow & Unicorn pools, and there will be an exclusive presale period for the main public sale that will function similarly to The Lords of Light pack drop.

Needless to say, the team over at Raini are beyond excited with the MASKS drop, and future collaborations with Krew Studios. We also have a lineup of other announcements that will be dropping in the very near future concerning all aspects of the Raini project — so keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time.

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Building an NFT-supercharged DeFi and Gaming Universe

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Building an NFT-supercharged DeFi and Gaming Universe

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