Raini Updates — First NFT Artist Announcement + Rainbows and Unicorns

1st Artist Announcement

We’re proud to announce that Alessandro Pautasso (@kaneda99 on Instagram and Foundation) has signed on to produce a set of exclusive NFTs for the Raini platform!

Audrey Hepburn, from Alessandro’s Pop Portraits series

Alessandro has an impressive portfolio and illustrious clientele, having previously produced art for:

  • The New York Times
  • Disney Books
  • Universal
  • Adobe
  • NBA TV
  • Sony Music
  • The Washington Post
  • The Los Angeles Times

Be sure to check out his bio here, and be on the lookout for more artist announcements in the coming days!

What About Those Rainbows & Unicorns?

Our dev team has been hard at work getting staking ready to go, and all that’s left now is the smart contract audit. Once the audit is complete, staking goes live!

As we’ve previously mentioned, there will be two separate staking pools (one for staking Raini tokens earning 🌈, and one for staking Raini-ETH LP tokens earning 🦄), with earning rates as follows:

  • RAINI Pool 🌈
    1 Rainbow per hour for every 100,000 RAINI staked
  • RAINI-ETH LP Pool 🦄
    1 Unicorn per hour for every 1,000 RAINI-ETH LP tokens staked

Additionally, for both pools, there will be a bonus multiplier tied to duration of stake. This multiplier will increase linearly by 0.5% per day, up to a maximum of 30% after 60 days of continuous staking .

This means you can earn up to 30% more Rainbows and/or Unicorns per hour just by maintaining your position in the staking pool — and remember, Rainbows and Unicorns will be your means to secure Raini NFTs from Alessandro as well as other upcoming partner artists, and much much more!

A little tidbit for later —some of the rarer NFTs in our drops will bestow you with special powers in the Rainiverse. More on this soon.

Once the smart contract audit is complete, we will post an update to this Medium and officially launch staking. Keep an eye on our socials for the latest.

Website: raini.io

Telegram: t.me/rainicornchat

Twitter: twitter.com/raini_coin (cashtag = $RAINI)

Uniswap: Buy on Uniswap

Etherscan, DEXTools + more: linktr.ee/rainicoin



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