Raising the (NFT) Stakes

The date, the details, the next drop and more!

5 min readFeb 4, 2022


Time to dust off those Golds and Chromas and prep them for their ascendance into The Great Staking Portal!

If you’ve been in the NFT space for a while, you know that scarcity alone doesn’t necessarily equate to value. This is why, in addition to carefully curating high-quality NFTs for our platform drops, we’ve explored unique ways to infuse utility and value into our NFT’s.

After a long (and much-anticipated) wait, we are beyond thrilled to announce that Gold and Chroma NFT staking will officially launch on Wednesday, 9th February 2022!

We want to take the opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone for your patience throughout this extended developmental journey — particularly with this final delay, which has pushed the launch out slightly further than intended.

You’ll be pleased to learn that we’ve recently expaned our platform team further, adding another 2 developers — which will allow us to build more rapidly in future. This brings the total Raini team head count well into the 20’s — we’ve come a very long way from humble beginnings.

Gold & Chroma NFT staking pools

Come on in — this pool’s lovely and… rainbow colored?

With testing now complete, we will be running our Golden and Chroma NFT staking pools from 9th February 2022 to 5th February 2023.

A total of 5 million $RAINI tokens will be allocated between our NFT pools:

  • 4 million tokens allocated to the Golden pool
  • 1 million tokens allocated to the Chroma pool

The tokens will be distributed linearly over the 12 month period that the pools will run for and will be evenly split across BSC and Ethereum.

Golden and Chroma NFTs will consume a value equal to 12.5% of their maximum stamina per month they are staked, and be rewarded in $RAINI relative to their stamina expenditure as a proportion of the total stamina expenditure in the pool during that period.

By way of example — an NFT with 100 max stamina would drain 12.5 stamina points per month, while an NFT with 200 max stamina would drain 25 stamina points per month. If they were the only two NFTs in that pool, then the NFT draining 25 stamina per month would earn 2x the other NFT for that month.

This 12.5% per month stamina drain rate means that it will take an NFT 8 months (or approximately 240 days) to deplete their entire stamina reserves. We strongly encourage holders to be mindful of the twelve-month window, after which time $RAINI NFT staking pools will cease.

Aside from playing a role in protocol governance as discussed in our last Medium, we have a bit of extra news to drop for the next, uh, drop!

Upcoming Drop and NFT Upgrades, Upgraded!

Yep, you read that correctly, we have now confirmed another drop for the future! The much-loved Fractually will be returning — this time for a 1,000 unique piece generative NFT collection with matching soundscape!

A 1,000 unique NFT generative drop is coming from the fractal virtuoso, Fractually.

While we mentioned last week that we would be shifting away from Gold and Chroma upgrades and $RAINI NFT staking beyond the 12 month staking pool length, we didn’t say that we are moving away from NFT upgrades and rewards altogether. Beginning from our next drop and moving forward, we will be introducing Infused NFTs!

For the generative Fractually drop, you will be able to create an Infused NFT if you manage to collect a set of ten sequentially numbered NFTs and fuse them together. Fusing will burn your NFTs and replace them with an Infused NFT that will play all 10 of your NFT video & audio loops sequentially on a continuous loop — clearly an essential tool for active meditation.

In addition to becoming scarce collector’s items, Infused NFT’s will also offer in-game utility — in the form of enabling higher levels of $PHOTON earning rates when deployed within RTLOL, utilising an iteration of our stamina mechanic. We intend to extend the utility for Infused NFTs across all future Raini game releases, solidifying the connection between our platform NFTs and game worlds and offering significant utility for all NFT’s dropped through our platform.

Circling back to Golden and Chroma NFTs — these will be considered Legacy Infused NFTs. This means that while the $RAINI NFT staking pool duration is finite, the Golden and Chroma NFT’s utility within our future game economies will persist beyond the 12-month lifespan of the $RAINI NFT staking pool.

New Card Reveal

Only the hottest card art for such a spicy Medium! The spotlight this week will be for one of Red’s new creatures.

Incendiary Dwarf

  • Classification: Common Red Creature
  • Play Cost: 1 Red Gem + 3 Colorless Gems
  • Stats: 50 Attack / 40 HP
  • Game Text: Overkill

Incendiary Dwarf will be joining Forge Imp and Helldozer Orc as Red’s common creatures available in the initial release of RTLOL. It has the Overkill effect, meaning any excess damage that it deals beyond the HP of a minion it attacks will be dealt to the opposing hero. Overkill is one of Red’s two primary effects, both complementing red’s archetype of being color most focused on damage-dealing.

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