Raising the Stakes

We’re building an NFT universe around the $RAINI token. Then riding dirtbikes through the Aussie bush.

“If you look really closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”
- Steve Jobs

Raini’s eventful first week has been the product of tremendous effort and collaboration between our founders, team, and vibrant community. We can’t thank you all enough for your continued support!

It’s also helpful to put things in context. The NFT farming space has absolutely boomed lately — case in point would be Ethernity Chain, which has gone from an initial market cap of $1.2m at their IDO, to $300m at the time of writing — all in the space of less than 3 weeks.

$RAINI seeks to establish itself as a fierce competitor within this arena and we will work to build a dominant foothold in the weeks and months to come.

Emboldened by the incredible reception we received for our market launch, we’ve been rapidly expanding our team. It certainly helps that the founding members are already successful fintech business owners and crypto investors — that is to say, we have the financial backing to realise this vision.

Of course, much more work lies ahead. Let’s get right to it.

See? We’re on the moon already.

Staking Goes Live in April!

In our last post, we introduced plans for NFT farming, allowing $RAINI holders to stake their tokens and earn two different types of NFT reward credits:

  • 🌈 Rainbows (via staking RAINI tokens)
  • 🦄 Unicorns (via staking RAINI-ETH Uniswap LP tokens)

Rainbows and Unicorns will function as reward credits within the Raini ecosystem, serving as the primary means for $RAINI holders to gain exclusive access to our NFT drops.

They are not separate ERC20 tokens; rather, Rainbows and Unicorns will function as reward points which can only be earned by staking $RAINI.

Also keep in mind — as the Raini universe continues to expand, we will look to broaden the use-case of both 🌈 Rainbow and 🦄 Unicorn rewards.

Some details on reward point accrual:

  • 🌈 Rainbows will be earned by staking $RAINI
  • 🦄 Unicorns will be earned by staking Uniswap LP tokens $RAINI (+ equivalent ETH)
  • Unicorns will be significantly more valuable than Rainbows, in order to incentivize liquidity provision
  • The duration of staking will factor into your earning rate, incentivizing long-terming HODLing

More information will be provided closer to launch!

Okay… So I’ve Got My Rainbows & Unicorns, Now What?

Simple — both 🌈 Rainbow and 🦄 Unicorns are how you acquire NFTs! Categories will include:

  • Collectible pieces from several top established artists in the industry
  • Special edition NFTs, commemorating project milestones, community memes (e.g. “The 4D Rug” 😂), broader cryptoverse works, and other memorable characters and moments
  • Collaboration NFTs with other well-known crypto projects
  • Carefully selected new work from talented emerging artists

And last, but certainly not least:

  • Collectible Trading Cards, playable in…
The right shampoo is everything.

Raini — The Card Game!

Our team isn’t just developing a token, we’re building an ecosystem. Each step through our roadmap — each component of the Raini universe — has been engineered to drive value to the $RAINI token.

With that in mind, we are developing an engaging, addictive trading card game for our holders. More details regarding Raini: TCG will be shared in the coming weeks; but we’re gunning for this to be big.

Think Pokémon, Magic — The Gathering, Hearthstone — all wildly successful TCG franchises, and these are just a few. This is an emerging space in the NFT sector, and so far implementations have been — for lack of a better word — lacklustre. Not only does this arena have tremendous growth potential (and staying power), but with several of our team members being big fans of the genre, and with our founders being well-connected in the gaming industry, it was a natural fit for our project.

Collectible card drops will be coveted by both players of Raini TCG and speculators alike, driving even further demand for our native $RAINI token.

This will be reinforced by a number of key differentiators:

  1. Our initial game mode will be designed to appeal to crypto enthusiasts across the board — both those who happen to already be gamers (already a significant market segment) as well as those who may not identify as gamers. We intend to accomplish this by building our launch game with a skill curve that is simple enough to learn, but difficult to master, and revolving it around cards with incredible art and engaging back-stories & lore relating to the world of crypto.
  2. Our long-term view is to progressively appeal to the gaming mainstream over time (including non-cryptocurrency enthusiasts). We will do this by expanding our collectible line-up to include more mainstream gamer-oriented offerings, as well as leveraging our progressive growth to add more complex game modes that will be available to hardcore gamers to fully test their skills and abilities in a competitive environment.

We believe this approach will significantly drive value in both our card-based NFT’s, particularly via the release of limited edition/availability drops, as well as delivering consistent value for our $RAINI holders and stakers.

Growing the project in this way, then branching out into the next steps of our ambitious roadmap, will maximize Raini’s long-term success. And the center of this new universe that’s being built? The $RAINI token.

Our community expect results, and we intend to deliver.

What, you don’t wear a unicorn suit during mountain hikes?

In the Days to Come

The team is working on this project full-time, and we are moving ahead on multiple fronts. Expect to hear more from us soon on:

  • Partnerships
  • Marketing
  • Exchange Listings

Finally, definitive timing around our staking and first NFT drop will be announced imminently.

Thanks again for all your support on this journey, there’s much more to come!

Website: rainicoin.io

Telegram: t.me/rainicornchat

Twitter: twitter.com/raini_coin (cashtag = $RAINI)

Uniswap: Buy on Uniswap

Etherscan, and DEXTools: linktr.ee/rainicoin



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