RTLOL Card Staking

Almost in time for Halloween - IT’S ALIIVEE (nearly)!

The time is more or less upon us! Commencing 12PM UTC, Monday 1st November, 2021, you will be able to stake your RTLOL cards and begin earning xPHOTON.

As a brief reminder for anyone who missed the memo, xPHOTON will be redeemable for vesting PHOTON (redeemable over a period). Photon will be the primary utility token for our upcoming play-to-earn trading card game, Raini: The Lords of Light.

The daily earning rate for card staking will be dependent on both the supply and the rarity tier of the card. The base earning rate will be based on a ratio of 3000 / max supply of your card, multiplied by a tier score of 1 to 5, depending on the card’s rarity.

By this formula, a Mythic card like Chad or the Quantum Rug will have a daily earning rate of 150 (3,000 / 100 * 5), while a Common card like Griffon and Wood Elf will have a daily earning rate of 1 (3,000 / 3,000 *1)

A complete table of the daily earning rate can be found here.

You will be able to stake or unstake as many cards as you want in a single transaction to save on gas.

GigaChad Bonus

All GigaChads will get a 20% bonus covering the period where the entire set was staked, which will be applied manually at the end of the staking period. Note that the bonus only applies to the full set of cards — if you have multiples, then the bonus will only apply to those cards if they are part of another full set.

Sir Chad indubitably approves of GigaBrain moves

Staking period and other ways to earn xPHOTON

Aside from RTLOL card staking, you can also become eligible for an xPHOTON airdrop by providing liquidity to $RAINI in the two DEX pools used for trading (PCS OR Uniswap V3). The airdrop entitlement will be based on LP provided from 25th September 2021 and the end date of the staking pool.

NFT Staking and Bridging

Remember, building an expansive universe that sets the stage for an interdimensional battle for the safety of all crypto — with rainbow unicorns no less — is no easy feat.

We have so much more to share, so stay alert, and may your $RAINIs stay GAINI.

Card Submissions (ongoing)

Then please ser — http://raini.me/CardIdeaContest

Over 350 ideas have been submitted and reviewed, but more is better! We’ll let you know if we pick one of your concepts to create a card, and we’ll airdrop you a prize pack as part of the second pack drop.

The Raini family is growing

If you would like to work with us, please complete the attached google form.

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