RTLOL — Pre-Sale & Cold Opens

The Genesis Drop is almost upon us!

Raini Chad is primed and ready for battle, we hope you are too — but when it comes to gas he’s a pacifist.

The $RAINI Presale — 24 hours starting 12pm GMT Sunday

  1. Remember, the first 24 hours is a special pre-sale for $RAINI holders who have staked and earned ‎️‍🌈 and 🦄.
  2. This $RAINI period provides access to two pools, the exclusive $RAINI pool, and the Public Pool where you can purchase cards for ETH/BNB plus 5 ‎️‍🌈 or 1 🦄 per pack.

The Public Presale — Commencing 12pm GMT Monday

The public pre-sale is for the Public Pool, and will not require you to have staked RAINI. There will be no requirement for ‎️‍🌈 and 🦄 and packs will be purchaseable with pure ETH or BNB.

  1. It will help reduce the risk of gas wars, by providing a wider window of time for people to spread their purchases across.
  2. It will allow more time to market the drop and spread the word, which is ultimately beneficial to all Raini holders and everyone who participates in the drop.
  3. It will allow more individual packs to be purchased with the 10% pre-sale discount, providing further overall savings.
Schrödinger’s singularity device. It simultaneously contains the 4D rug and also doesn’t. You’ll have to open it to find out for sure.

Card Pack Opening

At 12pm GMT on Friday, 24th September, the 10% Public Pool Pre-Sale discount on individual packs will be removed, the General Public Sale will commence, and all packs will be openable.

Next Steps

If you have any questions, head on over to our Telegram or Discord where one of our friendly mods or community members will be happy to help you out.



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