So you wanna be a Rainiverse Master?


So, you’ve decided to become a P̶o̶k̶é̶m̶o̶n̶ ̶M̶a̶s̶t̶e̶r̶ oops, wrong universe. Let’s rewind. You’ve decided to dive into the enchanting world of Raini: The Lords of Light, aiming to become a revered master in this digital trading card game that combines strategy, art, and blockchain in a way that would make even Ash Ketchum double-take and wonder if he’s in the right franchise.

Welcome to the Rainiverse, where your strategic skills can truly shine, and where the only thing standing between you and greatness is a few simple steps. Follow this guide, and you’ll go from novice to Rainiverse Master faster than you can say “Rainigon, I choose you!” (Last time, I promise).

Step 1: Initiating the Download Sequence

Before you can shout “It’s time to duel!, you need to actually download the game. Head on over to the Epic Games Store, not to be confused with Professor Oak’s laboratory, and search for “Raini: The Lords of Light”. Hit that download button as if you were throwing your first Poké Ball. The digital realms of the Rainiverse are calling, and there’s no time to waste.

Download Link

Step 2: A Tutorial Like No Other

Remember how Ash started his journey oversleeping? Well, you’re going to start yours with a bit more preparation. The game offers a 3-part tutorial that’s as essential as your first Pokémon. Completing it won’t just help you understand the basics; it will also arm you with 2 Theme Deck tokens. Consider this your starter pack, minus the waking up late and getting stuck with a Pikachu.

Pro Tip! — You could skip the tutorial if that’s not your thing, but if you do we’d recommend playing a few bot matches to get a feel for the game that way before jumping into online matches.

Step 3: Theme Deck Decisions

With your theme deck tokens in hand, it’s time to make a crucial decision. Which decks will you choose? This is where your journey truly begins, and your choices will reflect your strategic approach to becoming a Rainiverse master. Choose wisely, or at least with more thought than Ash choosing to face a rock gym with an electric Pokémon.

Pro Tip! — Just pick a single Theme Deck to start, so you can get a feel for how it plays and see what your opponents are using. Then, use this knowledge to pick your second Theme Deck that matches your playing style!

Step 4: Battle Pass Basics

Unlock the basic tier of the battle pass to kick things into gear. This isn’t just about getting cool stuff (which, don’t get me wrong, is awesome), it’s about enhancing your journey and making every battle count. Think of it as levelling up from a mere traveller to an actual contender in the Rainiverse.

Pro Tip! — The Basic Tier is great, but the Lux Tier has waayyyyyy more cool stuff (and all the packs have double the odds of cracking those sweet sweet mythics!). You’ll need LUX to unlock it, which you can either buy directly through the Epic Games Store, or via the $RST Storefront with a bonus reward of LUX too!

Step 5: Quick Match Mastery

Now, with your decks selected and your confidence high (hopefully), it’s time to test your mettle in Quick Match games. This is where theory meets practice, and where you’ll learn the true art of card combat. Each match is a lesson, each victory a step closer to mastery. Remember, it took Ash 25 years to become a Master; what matters is getting back up and trying again.

Pro Tip! — Quick Match victories earn MMR, which will launch you up the leaderboard, earning both tougher battles and bigger rewards!

Step 6: Connect to Collect

Hang on, hang on… This is meant to be a web3 game! Why is it so easy to download and play???

We got chu fam! Connect your MetaMask wallet to (and set up a primary wallet!). It’s like attaching your Pokédex to the Pokémon Center database, but for collecting your well-deserved Player Rewards. This step ensures your heroic efforts are rewarded in the digital age, bridging your victories in the Rainiverse with tangible rewards.

Pro-Tip! — With our updated Player Rewards, you’re eligible for rewards from your very first game, BUT you must connect a wallet, and set a Primary Wallet, to receive rewards!

If you can see something like this, you’ve correctly set a Primary Wallet! Congratulations!

You can read more about Player Rewards here (and updates here and here).

Step 7: Come hang with the Raini Community!

Last, but absolutely not least, come hang out with your fellow Rainians, who generally hang on our official Telegram and Discord, and keep up to date with all the latest news via Twitter / X!

There you have it, a complete guide to starting your journey in Raini: The Lords of Light. Remember, every master starts as a novice, every journey begins with a single step, and every great story in the Rainiverse starts with downloading the game. Welcome to a world where your strategic skills will be put to the test, and where the digital cards you play can bring glory, honour, and a bit of fun into your life.

Now go forth, aspiring Rainiverse master, and may your decks be ever in your favour. Just remember, this isn’t about catching them all — it’s about outsmarting them all. See you in the Rainiverse!



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