Staking Through The Storm

Wow — what a whirlwind of a week it’s been! In the face of current market conditions, we want to firstly reassure everyone that Raini has positioned itself to fully prepare for any possible headwinds that we may face (our treasury is all stabled up).

As with the mid-year correction in 2021, we are committed to continuing to build, grow, and deliver value to our community throughout whatever the market throws at us.

To that end, after a lot of work overcoming a number of unexpected issues, we are thrilled to confirm that NFT staking will finally be launched next week — we got you, fam!

Gold & Chromatic NFT Staking

You can’t stake the Mona Lisa (yet), but Gold and Chromatic Raini NFT staking is almost upon us!

Soon™ has finally arrived — final testing of Golden and Chroma NFT Staking is currently underway, and we have pencilled the grand launch for next week! See below for all of the juicy details.

  • We will be launching two separate pools — one for Golden NFTs and one for Chroma NFTs — and will be allocating a set amount of $RAINI to each pool, which will be earned by all NFTs staked within it.
  • A staked NFT will continuously drain a percentage of its maximum stamina over time, and will continue doing so until it is unstaked or its stamina is fully depleted.
  • The relative earning rate of each NFT will be directly correlated to the amount of stamina expended in this way.
  • Note that these NFT staking pools will only remain open for a period of approximately 12 months from the date that they are launched.

Since it will take a number of months for an NFT to fully utilise its stamina, we encourage all Golden and Chroma NFT holders to consider staking their NFT’s as soon as possible, in order to extract the maximum value out of them during this window of opportunity.

More specific details on NFT staking will be released next week.

This brings us to our next major announcement…

Unicorn Club

Following our last Medium post, we received some honest and valuable feedback requesting additional Unicorn benefits.

In light of this, we have decided to introduce a key change for all Raini Platform drops (excludes partnership drops). Note that this additional perk will apply to Unicorn holders who opt to purchase NFTs and pay for them 100% using Unicorns, and may not be ready for the next drop as we will need to tweak our functions contracts.

  • Zero platform mint fees. Unicorns + gas and the NFT is yours.

New card reveal

This week’s market crash may not technically qualify as a Black Swan event, but that doesn’t stop it feeling like one for many, so we’ve decided to reveal the card of the same name this week:

Black Swan

  • Classification: Common Purple Creature
  • Play Cost: 2 Purple Gems + 3Colorless Gems
  • Stats: 10 Power / 10 HP
  • Game Text: Destroy a random non-icon minion. Gain its power and HP

Black Swan is one of Purple’s most basic creatures. It perfectly depicts the theme of purple’s archetype, which revolves around chaotic disruption.

In the right circumstances, playing this card could clear one of your opponent’s biggest threats and leave you with a strong minion yourself. In the wrong circumstances, it could remove your own biggest minion — so use it wisely!

Until next time!

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