TCG Fridays

Time for a little more cardart-o… *cough*

For day 5 of Raini week, we wanted to talk a little more about some of the gameplay aspects of the trading card game, and share some of the incredible art our team has been busy working on. Keep in mind that that our cards will be expertly animated to really bring them to life.

Koyah, the Orangutan doesn’t care about the money in the banana stand, he just wants the bananas

Aside from their fiercely imposing presence (and Chad’s chiselled abs), you may notice the colourful, other-worldy glows on some of these characters — these glows signify their tribal allegiance to one of the seven colours of the rainbow (or the full rainbow colour spectrum in Chad Raini’s case — he’s just that boss).

Chad Raini, the Rainicorn — our fearless mascot and leader

Whilst games like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering Arena are fantastic games in their own rights, we didn’t want to be another carbon copy — so will have our own unique Raini spin when it comes to the artwork and gameplay.

Smoothie, the Koala — she’s a fearsome mage, and gives dropbears a run for their money

To this end, each card in the Raini TCG will be assigned a tribal rainbow colour, which will affect the gameplay in a number of ways.

Flame Elemental is like, literally fire right now

The fundamental example of this can be seen in the fact that each tribal colour will grant their creatures a unique ability; such as a burn effect for red, a banish effect for indigo, and a freeze effect for blue.

Water Elemental — she’s as cold as ice and willing to sacrifice our love

In addition, certain abilities and effects will be unlocked by combining tribal colours together; for example, the first time a card is played from each colour, that player’s gem of the same colour will be activated. Once all seven gems are activated, the player will be granted the ability to summon an ultra powerful “Rainbow” creature, such as Chad Raini.

That’s all we can reveal for now, but we hope it gives you a taste of things to come — we’re eager to show you more very soon, and will be releasing more updates about the game in the weeks ahead, and one final major update for Raini week tomorrow so keep an eye out!

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