The Fantom of the Opera is Here

That’s right folks, the spooky times 👻 are almost upon us.

Gather round as we bring you another juicy weekly medium — this time containing confirmation of our Fantom launch time, the details for our 7 Deadly Sins — Part 2 drop, and a Raini 1st birthday special for our Golden & Chroma NFT holders.

Fantom Opera (FTM) Launch

The team has been working hard preparing for our imminent Fantom launch, so we are pleased to confirm that the official token launch will take place on Monday 21st February (exact time TBA).

As promised, here are some of the features that will be immediately available:

  1. A fully functioning Ethereum ⟨ ⟩ Fantom $RAINI token bridge
  2. A listing on Spookyswap, with a sizeable $RAINI-USDC liquidity pool
  3. Full Rainbow & Unicorn (LP) staking functionality

And, of course, NFT bridging will be live a little later in the week!

Note: For the foreseeable future, we intend to continue maintaining our deepest liquidity pool on Uniswap/Ethereum. Therefore, in order to minimize your price impact for buying or selling tokens, we recommend executing all large transactions on the Ethereum chain (with the Fantom and BSC chain being more appropriate for small to medium sized transactions).

Deadliest of Sins Part 2

Turns out greed gets you some pretty sweet threads.

The second phase of Clément Avide’s 7 Deadliest of Sins drop is finally upon us — with the Lust, Sloth, and Greed NFT’s scheduled to land on March 1st! In case you missed the previous medium, this drop will be your last chance to obtain a Gold or Chroma NFT — after this drop, we’ll be transitioning to Infused NFTs.

The drop will be on ETH and BSC chain with a 50/50 split.

The data for the drop is as follows:

  • Sloth — 300 supply, 300 rainbows or 30 unicorns cost, wallet limit = 4
  • Lust: 200 supply, 500 rainbows or 50 unicorns cost, wallet limit = 3
  • Greed — 100 supply, 100 unicorns cost, wallet limit = 2

Additional notes:

1. Wallet limits will be removed after 30 minutes if there are any NFT’s remaining.

2. As per our previous medium, there will be zero minting fee for purchases made with Unicorns (even if you need to top-up). Rainbow mint fees for Sloth and Lust will be confirmed closer to the drop days, but will be in line with previous drops.

More Value for Gold and Chroma NFT Holders

Time to stack those sats — or better yet, RAINI & (x)PHOTON

With the BSC launch of the Gold & Chroma NFT staking pools now complete, and the Fantom launch only days a way, some Ranians expressed their concerns about the value of the NFTs that they had invested a substantial amount of time and funds into creating.

We want to reinforce that we are committed to ensuring that the value of each Gold and Chroma NFT extends far beyond the immediate $RAINI earnings from the staking pools. We also want to demonstrate how much we sincerely appreciate everyone’s support over the foundational first year of Raini’s life.

To that end, to coincide with Raini’s upcoming first birthday, we will be taking a snapshot of all Gold and Chroma NFT holders on March 17, 2022.

This snapshot will be used to complete an xPHOTON airdrop afterwards (before game launch), with the xPHOTON token allocation will be based on the relative NFT quality (Gold vs. Chroma) and stamina levels of NFT’s held. 🎉🍾

For anyone not in the know — xPHOTON will be exchangeable for vesting $PHOTON once that token is live, and Photon is the primary utiltiy token for our upcoming RPG Metaverse, The Lords of Light.

As a further bonus — we will be reserving a number of card packs from our second RTLOL drop to airdrop to Gold and Chroma NFT holders — but the snapshot date might be different 👀, so we suggest you diamond hands those NFTs.

New Card Reveal

For this week, we will be unveiling a card that will also introduce two new RTLOL mechanics — Heal and the Elemental tribal affinity.

Thunder Elemental

  • Classification: Uncommon Pink Minion
  • Play Cost: 1 Pink Gem + 5 Colorless Gems
  • Game Text: Elemental. +20 Attack Power for each Elemental in play. When played, fortify 20 to all other allied minions.

You might remember seeing the Earth, Fire, Air, and Water Elementals from the Genesis drop. Whilst they don’t necessarily combine into Captain Planet (or at least not yet), all Elementals in RTLOL share the ability to draw strength from each other. This takes the form of a persistent attack power buff based on the number of Elementals in play (whether Allied or Enemy) and the second edition drop will add a few more elementals to the mix, including the Pink Thunder Elemental.

Pink cards are centred around supporting roles in a player’s deck, generally preventing damage and healing wounded characters, and the Thunder Elemental is no exception to this.

In this case, Thunder Elemental provides a valuable fortify effect (Adds HP, but does not remove status effects) as an automatically triggered on-play effect.

Note: Stats and effects are subject to change

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