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When will then be now? Soon

We know many of you are keen for juicy details about the game, and there’s the ever-constant stream of wen alpha’s that have peppered our Telegram and Discord. We’ve got answers to that question and so much more.

As we’ve hinted at recently, RTLOL has expanded significantly in scope and design. What began as a humble trading card game (TCG) has morphed into an RPG metaverse, within which the TCG lives as one of many types of questing mechanics.

That’s right — RTLOL is a metaverse play!

RTLOL launch features include Casual Questing and the TCG

Questing Mechanics

As part of the upcoming second card pack drop, there will be the opportunity to obtain Heroes which will have their own role, tier, inclination, class, subclass, and skills. You will be able to utilise these heroes across various quest mechanics.

On initial game launch, The Lords of Light will incorporate both the TCG experience, and Casual Questing modules.

The casual questing module is an auto-questing experience where you can send one or more heroes off to quest in a time-based fashion with zero user input once the quest has commenced. The quest outcome (succeed / fail / rewards) will be linked to your Hero’s attributes, items you may have equipped, and random chance. Quest types will include Standard, Periodic, Chained, Timeboxed, and Community/Boss quests. We’ll break down what all of this means in a future Medium + Gitbook 📜.

The Overworld

The RTLOL metaverse will be accessible as a vast overworld map, and our roadmap also includes the ability to obtain land in one of the 7 regions outside of the neutral territory. We’ll have more to say on land ownership in the future, but just briefly — land ownership will enable players to build infrastructure and receive tithing from others who quest on their land. In addition, battles for land ownership will form part of the experience.

Early Concept Art for the RTLOL Overworld

RTLOL Tokenomics

There’s going to be a lot to unpack here, so we’ll do our best to take you through it in a clear and concise way.

At the core of the RTLOL metaverse economy is the Photon portal. This portal is your way of accessing $Photon emissions which will be released over a number of years.


The base level of accessing $Photon emisisons from the portal will be via staking. There will be 4 pools for this purpose — $Photon, $Photon LP, $Raini, and $Raini LP. Staking tokens in one of these 4 pools will entitle you to a base level of earnings from the portal.

Stake $Photon, $Photon LP, $Raini, or $Raini LP to earn $Photon

This is only the first step, and the most passive way of engaging with the RTLOL economy.

- Token Locking

This step is also passive, but an easy way to boost your baseline earnings. We are incorporating a Curve-inspired token locking model into RTLOL tokenomics.

You will be able to lock $Photon for a period of time. The amount and duration of $Photon locked will determine the max boost that applies to your staked earnings, and the ratio locked to amount staked determines the applicable boost.

Lock $Photon to boost your baseline earnings and gain access to ecosystem fees.

Photon Magnifiers

This step represents a much more active aspect of the RTLOL game loop. Out of the multitude of items you may expect to obtain within our metaverse are a range of items we’ve been referring internally to as Photon Magnifiers or Amplifiers. These special in-game items are attainable via questing in the form of fragments or base materials — and must be crafted into existence.

What they represent is the ability to temporarily supercharge your $Photon earning potential. Equipping one of these bad boys effectively applies a powerful booster to your staked earning rate for a period of time. The boost and the period is dependent on the amount you have staked, as well as the type of magnifier you are equipping.

The Game Loop

The aforementioned Photon Magnifiers are a key driver of the overall RTLOL economy. This core pillar will drive value of other assets within the economy, as players compete and quest to obtain magnifier fragments.

In addition, certain quests and tournaments present another opportunity for players to earn $Photon, and there are a huge amount of other in-game items which can be earnt, crafted, and used in different ways within the metaverse.

We will also have a non-tradeable currency within the metaverse called gold. Gold will be required for a number of in-game actions, and will also present a pathway for players with lesser economic means to parttake and grind their way up in the economy without initially owning a hero.

All items will be tradeable within the game’s marketplace, which will be denominated in $Photon. You can see the overall game loop below.

Timelines & Wen Alpha

With all of this expanded scope, we’re sure many of you are wondering about launch timelines, and of course — wen alpha.

We really wanted to get the alpha out this month, however a few things have slowed down our progress (including the war in the Ukraine, as a couple of our VFX guys are located there). This is where we’re at:

  1. In lieu of an alpha release this month, we’re aiming to host a livestream showing off the game in early April. Stay tuned for more details on this.
  2. We’re targeting Soon™ as the alpha release date. Just kidding — late April is what we’re aiming for! This will initially start as a closed alpha limited to core community members, then opened up to the public. $Photon will not be live at this point.
  3. For the second pack drop, including heroes, we’re targeting a late 2022 timeline. The reason for this is because heroes will form part of this drop.
  4. The full game release of RTLOL — meaning the $Photon token, the overworld with both casual questing and the TCG — we’re aiming for a launch in Q1 2023.
  5. In terms of other Roadmap items, Tournament play for the TCG is a Q3/Q4 item, Land and the Hero battler quest mechanic are 2023.

Snap snap!

Raini’s 1st birthday is almost upon us!

On March 17th 🍀 at 5:45am UTC we will take a snapshot of Chroma and Gold NFT Holders and those holders will be entitled to an xPHOTON airdrop, with the amount of xPHOTON dropped dependent on the relative NFT quality (Gold vs. Chroma) and stamina levels of NFT’s held. 🎉🍾

At the same time, we will also take a snapshot for the 7 Deadly Sins Set Bonus. What could the reward be? 🤔

New Card Reveal

For our teaser this week, we have something exciting. This card is hot, and not only because he is in a desert 🥁📀.


  • Stats: 80 Power. 90 HP
  • Classification: Legendary Orange Minion
  • Play Cost: 3 Orange Gems + 5 Colorless Gems
  • Game Text: Icon. Guardian. Cannot be targeted by spells or abilities.

Rugzilla is an iconic crypto legend for our second edition drop. Aside from being hard-hitting and tanky, Rugzilla boasts targeted-spell immunity & the ability to ignore various debuffs. We also hear that he has a certain penchant for tracking down and decimating rug pulls — lets see how he fares against the Quantum Rug!

Note: Stats and effects are still subject to change

Until next time!

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