Jawdane3D Drop Details

It’s time for an evolution…

Minting Fees

All NFTs require a transaction to mint. To make sure everyone is on the same page, we’re displaying the fees ahead of time for each NFT in the drop. We have also made some reductions to the mint fee ratio as calculated against the rainbow & unicorn costs.

NFT Supply

Our first drop was almost sold out in under two minutes, and completely sold out within 15 minutes — leaving many without the chance to redeem a single NFT. To ensure more people can put their rewards points to use we have marginally increased the number of copies on offer, plus this drop has 4 NFTs available in total.

Evanah is one of our debut Evoling NFTs, and Gold & Chroma versions of this NFT will age over time

Secondary Market Trading

On Ethereum, our chosen secondary market trading platform is OpenSea, and individual NFTs include a link to their OpenSea page once sales commence. Note that as we are deploying a new Evolving NFT contract, our old Rainicorn collection on OpenSea will be renamed Rainicorn Genesis, and our new collection will be called Rainicorn Evolved.



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