The Raini Multibridge is now live!

Cross-chain swaps, Raini style

Having launched our own solution for cross-chain swaps between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain a little while ago, we asked ourselves — “Why not offer this solution to other projects?” — And so began the journey towards delivering a cross-chain solution for projects big and small.

Today, after weeks of hard work, our flexible “multi-bridge” is ready. We’re now in a position to bridge any project between Eth & BSC in under 24 hours!

The Rainibridge lead dev, surverying cross-chain terrain in the lead-up to the multi-bridge launch

Rainibridge Premiere

As our first launch partner, we’re excited to announce that our first onboarded project is Kai Inu, a community-driven, passive rewards-oriented token originally launched on BSC / Pancakeswap.

Kai has a team of experienced developers that are in the process of creating an expansive universe beyond their initial token, which will include a dungeon-crawler style video game, a mobile-compatible wallet, and separate tokens to accommodate in-game trading of items (represented as NFTs).

Sweet, sweet cross-chain swaps

Moving forward, Raini is thrilled to be able to offer this same service to any projects, large or small, that are seeking additional exposure and market share through expansion to new chains.

With free onboarding, low transfer fees, and a team of trustworthy developers ready to help you every step of the way — the RainiBridge is a no-brainer for any project that wants to expand their reach, and doesn’t want to spend dev time on non-core features.

So if you run a project and you’re after a sweet, sweet cross-chain swap solution, head on over to and complete our on-boarding form!

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