The Rainicorn Litepaper

Tying it all together.

We’ve been hard at work building the foundation and structure of the Raini ecosystem, and now we’re ready to document the details!

See below for an overview of the 2021 vision for the Rainiverse and in-depth look at how all of the pieces of the puzzle will be connected.

Raini’s NFT Platform

A little teaser of the Raini platform UI

As a project that is heavily invested in and passionate about the world of art, Raini’s cornerstone offering is naturally its NFT platform.

Our NFT platform is also one of our more complex offerings and includes a lot of linked components and Raini jargon. With this in mind, we figured we should break it down for you, as follows:

  1. Token holders can stake their $RAINI to earn Rainbows 🌈, or stake their RAINI-ETH or RAINI-BNB LP Tokens to earn Unicorns 🦄.
  2. Rainbows and Unicorns will be redeemable for exclusive Core NFTs, available only through the Raini platform. In some cases, users will be able to “top up” their NFT purchases using ETH or BNB if they do not have enough Rainbows and/or Unicorns for a specific purchase. The top up cost will ultimately be less attractive than using Rainbows/Unicorns alone as the purchase medium, but will be an option nonetheless.
  3. Holders of Core NFTs will be able to burn a number of identical copies to upgrade to a higher Gold tier. For example, Rainicorn may organise a drop with a max of 50 copies a particular Core NFT. In this case, any individual wallet that manages to accumulate 10 copies of this Core NFT may burn them all for 1 Gold version of the same NFT.
  4. Holders of Gold NFTs will be able to burn a number of identical copies to upgrade to a higher Chromatic tier. Continuing the above example, if an individual wallet managed to accumulate 30 copies of the same Core NFT, they could burn all of them to produce 3 Golden copies, and then burn all 3 Golden copies to produce 1 Chromatic NFT. As in the above example, there will only ever be enough supply of Core NFT’s for a maximum of 1 Chromatic edition of that NFT to be produced, along with a small number of Golden versions.

The tl;dr breakdown so far:

  • Stake $RAINI, earn Rainbows 🌈
  • Stake RAINI-ETH/RAINI-BNB LP tokens, earn Unicorns 🦄
  • Rainbows and/or Unicorns = Core NFTs
  • Burn 10 Core NFTs = 1 Gold NFT
  • Burn 3 Gold NFTs = 1 Chromatic NFT

But Wait, There’s More!

All Raini NFTs will of course be able to be bought and sold on secondary markeplaces, as well as Raini’s own NFT marketplace.

Combined with the exclusive benefits of holding Gold and Chromatic NFTs explained below, this system will drive scarcity and produce value for Raini NFTs — not only for the higher tier NFTs, due to their limited availability and acquisitional difficulty (e.g. in the above example, a maximum of 1 Chromatic and 5 Gold copies of each NFT) — but also for the Core NFTs. This is because the Core NFT’s will be essential components required to obtain the higher tier NFTs, and therefore create clear practical value tied to the future deflationary nature of their supply.

We are also creating an exclusive Initial LP Provider NFT, which will be available in different versions based on the amount of LP provided, as well as the duration it was provided for — before our staking platform was launched. These NFT’s will be airdropped to users as way of saying “thanks” for supporting Raini early on.

The Raini NFT Toolkit & Marketplace

For any artists looking to work with Raini and organise a drop on our platform, we will offer a complimentary NFT toolkit, which will allow them to mint interactive NFTs via a simple graphical user interface. This will be particularly useful for artists looking to produce new NFT’s that will utilise our “Evolving” NFT concept.

This toolkit will not just be in the hands of artists who are part of our curated drops, but will form a key point of difference and drawcard for the Raini NFT marketplace. Anyone will be able to mint NFTs on the Raini marketplace using the Raini NFT Toolkit, and distribute their works on the Raini platform.

Raini —The Trading Card Game

Smoothie’s here, and she‘s ready to throw down!

As many of you know, we’re hard at work developing the Raini Trading Card Game, which will be turn-based and free-to-play.

All players will be provided with a base set of cards that they can use to play against other players online, allowing casual gamers to enjoy the game at any time at absolutely no cost.

Beyond this, players will also be able to collect and build decks using NFT cards that we launch through the Raini platform. These NFT cards will offer not only improved aesthetics, but also unique abilities that can yield gameplay advantages.

Before you ask, no need to worry — we will ensure that any gameplay advantages from NFT cards are balanced so that players without NFT’s still have a decent chance of winning any game with skill and a bit of luck. Many of our dev team are gamers ourselves, so we fully understand the importance of never turning our game into something that is “pay to win”.

In the future, Raini — TCG will be expanded to offer tournaments and alternative game modes; entry fees will be payable in Rainbows, Unicorns, ETH, or BNB.

Raini Cross-Chain Bridge

We’ve built a bridge between Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain

On Tuesday, 4 May 2021, Raini launched its long-awaited bridge between the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks for the $RAINI token.

This bridge allows users to buy, sell and stake $RAINI from the same fixed maximum supply of tokens on either network, as well as transfer their tokens between the networks at any time without restriction.

The timing of this launch could not have been better — within a matter of days, we witnessed Ethereum gas fees spike to what is likely their highest ever USD level, thanks largely to the dog coin craze that has swept the market (thanks Elon!).

In addition to opening our project up to a whole new community of investors on BSC, the RainiBridge has offered the added benefit of allowing our existing investors to complete $RAINI transactions without needing to take out a second mortgage just to cover their gas fees!

In all honesty, we have been overwhelmed by the level of success we have seen from launching our own bridge and listing $RAINI on PancakeSwap — both in terms of additional community growth engagement, as well as a significant increase in the number of $RAINI holders.

On the back of this success, and given that we have identified a clear lack of easy options for other crypto projects to bridge their own tokens across chains, we are excited to officially announce that we are now opening applications for the RainiBridge.

Crypto projects looking to offer their communities a cross-chain bridge and listing for their token need to look no further — Raini can offer this service free of charge to other projects who wish to bridge between Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain, so please reach out if you are interested in speaking to us about this via this form.

The Raini Launchpad & Seed Fund

This was the major announcement for Rainiweek update #1 that made some big waves — Raini has now officially opened applications for its token launchpad, RainiPad, which will enable developers to launch new crypto projects by meeting our strict criteria.

Unlike most launchpads, we will also use our bridge to enable these projects to launch cross-chainacross both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networkssimultaneously.

Furthermore, all of you ADA fans out there will be pleased to hear that we will also be expanding our cross-chain launchpad offering to the Cardano platform as well, once it is fully online.

We will be highly selective in choosing only projects we believe have an excellent shot to succeed; vetted developers, liquidity/token lock guarantees, well thought-out roadmaps, clear innovation, and expected demand.

Projects launched through RainiPad will benefit from strong marketing opportunities ,and our community will benefit from priority access to these projects’ token offerings at below public market value.

The RainiPad will consist of 4 standard tiers, which will be based on the amount of $RAINI staked and which will determine token allocations — Koyah, Smoothie, Chad and Rainbow.

In addition to this, to increase utilitiy and value for our NFT’s and tie them to our launchpad, holders of Gold and Chromatic NFTs will qualify for guaranteed allocations from projects launched through our launchpad.

Separate to our launchpad offering, Raini will also be launching a DAO based seed fund; RainiSeed. This seed fund will allow holders of Raini governance tokens to vote on the best projects for us to invest in — this also ties in perfectly to our next puzzle piece…

Raini DAO

The setup of Raini DAO will see the issue of Raini Governance tokens, with a portion airdropped to holders of exclusive Initial LP Provider NFTs. Further governance tokens will also be reserved for issuance to holders of Chromatic and Gold NFTs, delivering even more value for holders of these rare collectable pieces.

Governance token holders will have the ability to make proposals to the Raini community and vote on proposals introduced by other governance token holders.

As flagged above, governance token holders will also be able to determine and direct RainiSeed investments, allowing Raini to invest in the most promising and popular projects and share in their returns.

The big kicker for governance tokens is that a share of revenue will eventually be directed to governance token holders, once the project matures and grows to the point where this is appropriate.

So where will this revenue come from?

Raini Revenue Streams

In order to cover all of Raini’s ongoing expenses (including artist payments and marketing), as well as support continued project development, we have identified the following sources of revenue:

  1. Our two-sided NFT marketplace will raise revenue via minting fees and commissions on sales.
  2. Purchases via our NFT farming platform will in some cases be partially payable via “top-ups”, whereby ETH or BNB can supplement the Rainbow and/or Unicorn purchase price.
  3. A fee will be charged for any projects launching an IDO through RainiPad.
  4. Tournaments and special game mode entries within Raini — TCG will be purchasable using Ethereum or BNB (in addition to Rainbows or Unicorns), and a percentage will be retained by the platform as margin.
  5. Transaction fees via the Raini Bridge when transferring tokens between Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain (& soon Cardano).

Raini Expenditure

You may be asking where this revenue will all go?

  1. As a deflationary token, a portion of Raini ecosystem revenue will be directed towards regular $RAINI token buy-back and burns — to create and maintain ongoing deflationary pressure on the token and increase its value to holders.
  2. A portion of revenue will also be directed towards covering our NFT carbon offset credits, as well as our ongoing charitable efforts.
  3. Remaining revenue will initially be fully directed to the Rainicorn treasury, which will enable the project to pay for and lock in high profile artists and cover ongoing marketing expenditure, as well as allow us to continue developing useful features and delivering further value to token holders.
  4. Finally, once the project matures, a significant percentage of revenue will be distributed to Raini governance token holders.

Wrapping Up

That’s about it for now — kudos to you if you made it all the way to the end of this piece, since it is our longest medium post by far!

From here, we have plenty of updates, plenty of activity, and plenty of work still to do. We will continue to move full-speed ahead through our roadmap, and develop a truly dynamic and unique platform for our investors as we build out the Rainiverse and make everything Raini!

Thanks again for being a part of our project, and we look forward to continuing to deliver on our promises.

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