The Return of the King

We’ll do it live! That’s right, get ready for the livestream.

We’ve been working tirelessly on finishing and polishing RTLOL for the livestream as well as the upcoming alpha release. It’s all coming along very nicely indeed, and we’re aiming to announce the livestream date very soon.

During the livestream, we’re aiming to give you a general feel for how the game will play, as well as introduce and showcase a number of the game’s defining features and mechanics.

Following the demo, we’ll move onto a live Q&A session, where we’ll field as many questions as we can.

We hope you’re all as excited as we are for this landmark unveilling!

Andy Thomas is Feeling Froggy

Especially when they get froggy!

With enough time for one more before the RTLOL live demo, we decided to go with a fan favourite for the next drop — Andy Thomas.

This collection was created with audio supplied by the Australian Conservation Museum and features a collection of 5 frog inspired NFT’s.

Andy Thomas‘ digital sculptures are a site to behold.

One of the NFT’s will be a unicorn exclusive, three will be mintable using rainbows or unicorns, and the fifth will become an Infused NFT (with in-game earning potential), which will be airdropped to wallets holding the requisite numbers of the other four NFT’s as of an upcoming snapshot date.

The drop will land at 12pm UTC on Tuesday 12th April— full details to come shortly, but start stacking your rainbows and unicorns now.

New Card Reveal

Oni has a thing for 🔥


  • Stats: 30 Power. 60 HP.
  • Classification: Rare Red Minion
  • Play Cost: 2 Red Gems + 3 Colorless Gems
  • Game Text: Shockwave 60

Enter Oni — afierce and evil being from Japanese folklore. Don’t let his innocuous 30 Power deceive you; Oni’s true power lies in his Shockwave 60 ability.

The Shockwave ability triggers after a minion with the Shockwave ability attacks and damages an enemy minion. Once triggered, the shockwave will damage minions adjacent to the enemy minion by the amount specified (in this case, 60 damage would be dealt to minions adjacent to Oni’s target).

With this stat-line and ability, one of the best ways to play Oni would be to have him attack a relatively weak minion that is surrounded by stronger minions.

In this way, Oni may be able to eliminate significant threats whilst surviving the attack himself, which would likely not be possible by attacking the bigger threats head-on.

Note: Stats and effects are subject to change

Until next time!

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