The Time is Almost Upon Us

It’s almost here… the moment when the Raini Genesis NFT lineup will become available for redemption. But what does a simple unicorn farmer need to know before embarking on their first mystical quest into the Rainiverse?

There comes a time in every rainbow and unicorn farmer’s life…

We’re proud of the intricate mechanics that underpin the Raini NFT platform. The new gamified approach we’re introducing to the scene might feel intimidating or odd at first, so to help everyone get started with confidence and minimise any confusion, we’re going to walk you through it all.

First, if you haven’t a primer: Read our Litepaper detailing the core components and distinctions of the Raini NFTs.

Now, let’s get into it:

Redeeming NFTs

  • Go to to access our NFT platform. Be sure to connect your wallet by clicking Connect Wallet in the top right.
  • Once the NFTs become available, you will be able to Mint Now or Add to Cart. If you wish to purchase multiple NFTs, use the add to cart function.
  • You can access the cart by clicking the cart icon in the top right hand side of the header. It will open a modal that looks like this:
  • You will need to select whether you wish to use rainbows or unicorns for each item. You can also select a quantity for each item.
  • If you do not have enough points to redeem all the NFTs you have selected, you have the option of topping up with ETH or BNB. Otherwise you can remove an item and not pay for a topup.
  • A small platform minting fee is applicable for redemptions, not including gas fees.
  • To clear up a community quesiton — note that your NFTs are not reserved at any point during the checkout process. The only wa yto secure an NFT is to finalise the transaction.
  • A maximum purchase limit applies per wallet address. As we are now allowing users to select quantity in the checkout modal, we are adjusting the wallet limit percentage down from 5% to 4% of an NFT’s supply for NFTs with 100 or less supply. For NFTs with more than 100 supply, the wallet limit is proportionally reduced to ensure the system can’t be gamed — so for Elon with 200 supply, the wallet limit is 2%.

Upgrading your NFTs

  • As we’ve previously flagged, you will be able to upgrade Core NFTs into Gold or Chroma editions.
  • To upgrade to Gold, you will need to obtain either 10 cores or 10% of the total supply of a given NFT — whichever is the lesser of the two. So for Elon, that means you need 10 cores (20 golds available), for Vitalik, you need 10 cores (10 golds available), and for Satoshi, you need 5 cores (10 golds available).
  • Once you have these, you can go to the “My Collection” page and click upgrade beneath the NFT.
  • To upgrade to Chroma, you will need to obtain just over 50% of the possible Gold editions — as there is only 1 Chroma edition available per NFT.

Staking and Stamina

  • Gold and Chroma NFTs will have a stamina that defines how long they can earn within a staking pool for.
  • The stamina will vary from NFT to NFT — and will be somewhat reflective of the underlying rainbow / unicorn cost, as well as their rarity. So in our earlier example, Elon Golds will have substantially less stamina than Vitalik or Satoshi Golds.
  • If you stake Gold NFTs and deplete some of their stamina, then use them to upgrade to a Chroma, the Chroma’s stamina will be proportionally depleted to reflect this.


We’re working away to get further key platform features online as soon as possible, so just as a bit of guidance as to the order you can expect to see features rolled out:

  1. Secondary market: This will actually allow you to buy and sell Raini NFTs within the Raini platform. The intention is to launch this within the next 2 weeks or so, as this is integral to enabling everyone to trade their NFTs.
  2. NFT Staking: Enabling staking for your Golds and Chromas is very high on our priority list, so should come shortly after the secondary market.
  3. NFT Bridge: While there are some technical challenges here, we don’t intend to keep Ethereum and BSC separate for too long at all.
  4. Evolving NFTs: This is a key innovation that will play a role in a number of our featured artist drops, so stay tuned!

We look forward to seeing you all for the drop at 10am GMT Friday 23rd July (tomorrow!)

Main Raini Website:


Twitter: (cashtag = $RAINI)

Pancakeswap: Buy on Pancakeswap

Uniswap: Buy on Uniswap

Ethereum & BSC Contract: 0xeb953eda0dc65e3246f43dc8fa13f35623bdd5ed

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