They Say Crypto Isn’t All Rainbows & Unicorns…

“It was all a dream, I used to read ‘Word Up’ Magazine,
Salt-N-Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine”
- Notorious B.I.G.

What a launch!

On Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 our Founders launched what, at first glance, appeared to be little more than a fun, community-driven meme-coin named Rainicorn.

This was supposed to happen without much fanfare, but the universe had other plans. Against the backdrop of recent memecoin fervour, it appears that launching a new token which included both unicorns and rainbows was almost as powerful as a tweet from Elon himself.

The coin simply exploded, and several hours post-launch (plus several million dollars in trading volume later), it became clear that plans needed to accelerate, FAST.

The Genesis of the $RAINI Project

Rainicorn’s co-founders have run a successful fintech business for the past few years, and armed with that experience and their shared passion for art, had wanted to launch an NFT project that addresses some of the shortcomings of current platforms.

A number of key challenges stood out to the founders:

  1. Quality NFTs sell out in minutes in public drops
  2. NFT farming platforms are prohibitively expensive for most
  3. Emerging artists are often locked out of platforms by long waiting lists

The $RAINI Solution — NFT Farming

$RAINI will become a decentralized protocol for NFT farming, which will include exclusive NFT drops, staking, collectibles, and charitable giving.

Farming for NFTs

We will be launching two staking pools, Rainbow, where the holder can lock up $RAINI, and Unicorn, where Uniswap ETH/RAINI tokens can be staked.

The rewards for staking in these pools will be either in Rainbow or Unicorn points, depending on the pool, which can then be used to claim NFTs from our drops. Unicorns 🦄 will be valued higher than Rainbows 🌈.

Artist Lineup

As the Rainicorn team is well-connected in the NFT world, we intend to bring both well-established artists and emerging artists to our platform. Each drop will include rarer collectibles which may have higher associated minting fees.


As our genesis heavily emulates that of a memecoin, we feel it’s only right to honour this and intend to provide a number of community meme NFTs in our drop lineup.

Deflationary Tokenomics

As our ambitious planning has accelerated, our original thinking around token burns has evolved. The original burn plan was conceived prior to Rainicorn’s expansion in scope, and with that in mind we want to be certain that our tokenomic design creates as much value as possible for our ecosystem.

As such, we will be distributing any revenue from minting fees in the following way:

  1. The largest component will, of course, go to the artist.
  2. Covering costs and investing in Rainicorn’s roadmap, such as building out our future offerings.

Inspired to do more

The entire team is passionate about contributing to positive change, in any ways they reasonably can. A regrettable, yet unavoidable aspect of modern business culture is that individual greed can too often overpower the collective conscience of any industry or company. Our ethos is rooted in doing our best to do good for others — both in our personal and business dealings.

You sleep easy when you live right.

With this being a core motivation, it was decided early on that $RAINI will be donating to worthy charitable causes on an ongoing basis, to both organizations and individuals.

So far, we’ve obtained Official Partner in Conservation status with the WWF on the back of a sizable initial donation, as well as a commitment to ongoing contributions.

No, not that WWF.

That would be the World Wildlife Fund.

There we go.

And this is just the start. “Paying it forward” is in Rainicorn’s DNA, and we will continue to look for ways to make the world a better place for everyone.

Keeping Up With the Latest

The Rainicorn team is moving quickly to refine and develop this ecosystem into something we can all be proud of. Our focus will always remain on making a positive impact on our world; both by taking care of our community and helping those in need whenever we can.

We invite you to stay up-to-date with our progress:



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