Web3 Gaming at 3XP, Tempus NFTs, and Web5 Raininomics — June Updates

This is a can’t-miss Medium with several major project updates — details on the imminent Tempus drop, big happenings for Raini Studios at the 3XP Conference, and a full breakdown of the web5 tokenomics linking RTLOL and the broader Rainiverse. And maybe a brief trip down memory lane involving pottery. Buckle up, buttercup.


Time flies when you’re spinning the wheel.

Days bleed into months at just about the same speed as work — the skillful, diligent kind — molds ideas into reality.

Raini was founded the same way that a lump of wet clay might get plopped on a potter’s table; the raw material and know-how present from the beginning, but the final product of the time and effort to come? To-be-determined.

While preparing this piece, it was brought to our attention that this intro was beginning to read as the sort of wistful retrospective one might deliver in the face of an uncertain future.

It’s not — to say it loudly for those in the back:

It’s a forward-looking, “the best is yet to come” bonanza. 🎉

I guess you can blame bear market PTSD, but it did not even occur to this writer that reflecting on how far we’ve come could hit like “Welp, it was good while it lasted!”

Anyways, where were we?

We knew we wanted to build something lasting that people would love — a platform for artists, collectors, and traders; a conduit for passion and creativity; and ultimately, a means to bring joy through digital innovation.

This one’s definitely going on Pinterest.

In choosing to give shape to this amorphous lump of concepts in a fast-moving, nascent niche like crypto — where the core essence of humanity and the sum total of all tech progress to date basically smashed into one another at highway speed — we were betting on an inevitable yet unknowable future, one that seemed equal parts familiar and not.

And we wanted in.

With each step down this mostly unbeaten path, our destination came into focus — the lump took shape, and ideas arranged themselves neatly as pieces of a nearly-finished puzzle tend to.

We’ve always known the intuited spirit of this thing that’s become Raini Studios, but two-and-a-half years of planning and execution has married spirit with form — this thing is real now, and it’s spectacular.

“So what’s all this have to do with the RTLOL and the vidya, sers?”

Simple — we wanted to reflect a bit on how far we’ve come, and do it with you all.

We’re grateful for the journey, humbled by the support, and excited for what’s next. We’ll continue to put the work in, and do our best to take you — the community — along with us every step of the way. This means keeping you in the loop on our efforts and progress, and rewarding early supporters as we shape the Rainiverse.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the latest.

Community First — RTLOL x Chubbiverse Tourney

Our latest RTLOL tourney — sponsored by our frens at Chubbiverse — was a major success 🦄 🍩 🌈

Congrats to our reigning back-to-back champ Masongos, who beat former champ Huncho in the semifinal before eliminating Qpioneer in the championship round 💪

We had a great turnout, with a total of 69 tourney participants this time around (for the culture )

The prize breakdown for our winners:

As always, thanks to all who participated, and we look forward to throwing more of these as we approach the RTLOL official launch ⚔🔥⚔

Our Adventures at 3XP — a Showcase for Everything Raini

Our attendance at 3XP — the biggest conference in the web3 gaming industry — went extremely well, surpassing even our own expectations.

Attending events like GDC, AVAX Summit, 3XP, Twitter Spaces etc. have been key in our go-to-market strategy for RTLOL, getting the game, Raini Studios, and Leonardo.ai in front of as many of the most impactful eyes possible. It’s said that your network is your net worth, and marketing efforts much match the quality and quantity of technical developments in order for any business to maximize success.

Seriously, we had to buckle up — flying sideways and gravity don’t mix well.

It’s difficult to convey the impact this event had with words alone — in a sense, “you had to be there — but let’s just say that we:

  • showcased RTLOL to a very interested and well-connected audience
  • met with heaps of great current and potential future partners
  • really made a strong, positive impression on the type of people who can help us continue to take things to the next level

We attend these events and showcase Raini Studios and RTLOL to plant seeds of intrigue and awareness with a broader audience — and while there’s a degree of instant gratification involved, it’s really more about laying the foundation for lasting success.

With time and care, those seeds can become a mighty forest 💪🌲

Yes, that’s a Lords of Light arcade unit in the bottom-left pic 👀

The Next Major RTLOL NFT Set — Tempus

Formerly known as Seasons (or Set 2), Tempus is the next major release for RTLOL, bringing with it some incredibly powerful mythic spells, the all-new Season card type, and some of the most impactful cards in the current metagame. While these cards have been live during our alpha/beta testing, once we launch on EGS, you’ll need to have the cards unlocked to play… So, let's get into the details!

As with 7DS (and all on-chain collections moving forward), there will only be Rare, Legendary and Mythic cards available on-chain.
Commons and Uncommons can be unlocked in-game as Soul-Bound cards (more on these later).

  • Rare = Edition of 600
  • Legendary = Edition of 200
  • Mythic = Edition of 100

Alongside the above-pictured Rainbow Lotus and Aurora mythics, there are 9 Legendary and 10 Rare cards, available across a total of 2666 packs. (if you do the math, that’s 2 cards short… make sure you’re following us on Twitter for the details of the Aurora/Rainbow Lotus giveaway coming up later this month!!!)

Ah Cronje, the bane of Guardians everywhere…

The When and How

  • Drop Commencement Date & Time: Monday, July 3rd at 7:00 pm EST (Tuesday, July 4th at 9:00 am AEDT)

Tempus packs will be distributed on all three chains (ETH, AVAX, and BSC) as follows:

  • 3 different kinds of packs: Rainbow 🌈, Unicorn 🦄, and Collector ✨
  • For Tempus, to reward our long-term supporters and $RAINI holders, we’re allocating ALOT more packs towards Rainbow and Unicorn Packs… in fact, there will be 900 🌈 Rainbow Packs, and 900 🦄Unicorn Packs available in total! (as well as 866 collector packs, including SUPERChad bundles, deets below)
  • Rainbow and Unicorn Packs will initially be made available via general sale, with wallet limits, as well as Rolling Raffles and Auctions, paid in 🌈 or 🦄 respectively
  • The raffles and auctions will be run the same as the 7DS mint, so check out that medium for the deets! Unlike 7DS however, we’ll also have 🌈 and 🦄packs for general sale as well!
  • All Rainbow & Unicorn Packs will be 💸 free mints; no cost in ETH/BNB/AVAX (besides gas fees) 💸
  • While all cards in the Tempus mint are at minimum Rare, each pack contains 3 cards, and all packs in each pack type have different aggregate odds of containing Legendary or Mythic cards:
  • 🌈 Rainbow Packs = 18.7% Legendary, 2.2% Mythic
  • 🦄 Unicorn Packs = 50.21% Legendary, 6.52% Mythic
  • ✨ Collector Packs = 79.25% Legendary, 13.02% Mythic

SUPERChad Collectoooooors, Unite

oh yeah, they’re back… AND BIGGER :)

Back by popular demand… there will be a very limited supply of Collector Packs, and SUPERChad Bundles available for Tempus!

SUPERChad Bundle?

  • 20 Collector Packs for the price of 15 💰
  • 1 Mythic Card guaranteed 🎁
  • “ahhhhh I’m coooooollectiiinnnngggg aaggggaaaaiiinnnnnnn” 😮
  • TOTAL Collector Pack ✨ listings = 50 on ETH, 50 on AVAX, 50 on BSC
  • TOTAL SUPERChad Bundle ✨ listings = 10 on ETH, 10 on AVAX, 10 on BSC

Collector Packs can be minted for a fixed cost of 0.1 ETH (on ETH — converted to approx. equivalent AVAX or BNB for those chains).

SUPERChad Bundles can be minted for a fixed cost of 1.5 ETH (or AVAX/BNB equivalent)

This means a total of 750 Collector Packs✨ will be available (with the remaining 116 packs held in the Raini Studios treasury for promotions/giveaways/tournament prizes etc).

Rainiverse Tokenomics (aka that web5 thing AlCaTrAzz keeps banging on about)

Cos games are supposed to be fun, right?

With the full launch of Raini: The Lords of Light, on the Epic Games Store, we knew from the outset that we needed to do something different to the web3 games that came before us. Learning from those games, we knew we needed a system to reward our incredible community, while not falling into the pitfalls of past games.

We’re not going to name names… but ouch…

To that end, we’ve worked hard and bought on board some of the best game economy designers from both the web2 and web3 space, to design what we call a web5 economy, where Free To Play (F2P) players can play alongside our web3 community, enabling everyone to Collect, Play, and Win however they want. The overarching goal of this system is to allow us to onboard and scale to as many players as possible and provide an amazing experience for everyone :)

First, let's touch on a few terms to make sure we’re all on the same page:

  • Collectable Packs/Cards (fka NFT Packs/Cards)
    Like it or not, NFT is a dirty word for a lot of gamers out there, so we’re going to refer to our on-chain cards, and packs, as Collectable Packs and Cards moving forward. These are true player-owned assets, where you’re free to trade, sell, stake, burn, or do whatever else you want to do with them. Oh, and you can use these to play RTLOL, and unlock exclusive rewards (more on that below) 😄
  • SoulBound Packs/Cards (aka Account Bound Packs/Cards)
    These are off-chain, account-bound packs and cards which players can unlock via the RTLOL in-game store. These cards can be used to play RTLOL, but cannot be traded or moved from the account in which they are unlocked. Also, SoulBound Cards will not earn any of the additional rewards outlined below.
  • Theme Decks (aka Pre-Constructed Decks)
    Theme Decks are unlockable decks, that can be used in either Ranked, or the new Casual “Theme Deck Only” Matchmaking Modes. Theme Decks are played “as is”, and cannot be modified, and do not unlock the individual cards within them. Instead, they are a great way for new players to experience the depth of decks and strategies within RTLOL without needing to understand advanced deckbuilding strategies.
Theme Decks are a great way for new players to learn RTLOL! (WIP Screenshot of the current Epic Test Build)
  • Coins 🪙
    The basic currency within RTLOL. Coins are rewards for playing, completing Daily Challenges, Battle Pass tiers, annoying George, and all the good stuff. They can be used to purchase SoulBound Packs, and cosmetics and participate in some events.
  • LUX
    is our premium in-game currency, and can be purchased either via the Epic Games Store, or with $PHOTON. Purchasing LUX via $PHOTON will grant additional LUX rewards as well! Used to unlock Premium SoulBound Packs (with significantly higher drop rates), exclusive in-game items such as cosmetics and card backs, and unlock the Premium Tier Battle Pass.
    is our exclusive on-chain token, which is reserved for our most exclusive rewards within the Rainiverse. $PHOTON is used to unlock the exclusive PHOTON Tier Battle Pass, Collectable Packs (including PHOTON Pre-Sale Collector Packs for all future drops), and other, on-chain exclusive items for RTLOL and future Rainiverse games.

Player Rewards

To reward our web3 community for their support both up to launch, and moving forward, we have designed a 3-tier reward system, that rewards players who choose to engage with our web3 ecosystem. These systems are designed from the outset to be sustainable over a significant time period (10+ years), to provide rewards and incentives for our web3 community, while still enabling us to scale our player ecosystem exponentially.

All 3 reward tiers are allocated in a zero-sum fashion, meaning that the total rewards will be set each month, and allocated as a percentage basis based on the number of players who are eligible for rewards in each tier. These rewards will need to be claimed each calendar month via the new Player Profile page on rtlol.com (coming soon!)

Reward Tier 1 — Passive Collectors

“I love to collect the awesome cards for RTLOL, but don’t have the time to play the game myself”

Players who own Collectable Cards, and choose to stake them in the new Staking Pools via rtlol.com, will earn rewards each calendar month. These rewards are based on:

  • The percentage of the month that the card is staked
  • The rarity of the card
  • The percentage of decks that played, and/or won, using that card in Ranked Matchmaking games.

When a Collectable Card is staked, the owner will receive a Faded copy of that card. Faded Cards can be used to play RTLOL, and will also earn Active Collector rewards (see below).

In addition, Faded Cards can have their Active Collector rewards set as a ratio between whoever plays with the card, and the owner of the staked card. So for Passive Collectors who want to earn additional rewards, this is a great way to do so!

Reward Tier 2— Active Collectors

“I love to play RTLOL, and want to be rewarded for doing so”

Players who play, and/or win, ranked matchmaking games using Collectable Cards, or Faded Cards, will earn rewards each calendar month. These rewards are based on:

  • The number of games that are played, and/or won, using that card in Ranked Matchmaking games.
  • The rarity of the card
  • If the card is a Faded Card, the rewards will be allocated based on the ratio set when the original Collectable Card was staked (see above).
yeah, I dunno, we googled active collectors, and this is what we found…

Reward Tier 3— Active Gamers

“I want to be the very best, like no one ever was”

In addition to Active Collector rewards for web3 players, players who are competitive in ranked matchmaking games of RTLOL will earn rewards each calendar month. Unlike the other two tiers, these rewards are not dependent on using Collectable or Faded cards in your decks. These rewards are based on:

  • Leaderboard Rankings at the end of each Calendar Month.
  • XP earned in a Calendar month (XP will also unlock levels for Battle Pass rewards).

Leaderboard rankings will also be used for qualification to other, invite-only events, such as the RTLOL World Championships and Player of the Year Competition (details to follow).

We assume that this is what the 2033 RTLOL World Championships will look like…

The RAINI token

Sit back, relax, and watch your game tokens roll on in

While $PHOTON will have a significant amount of utility within RTLOL (as the game’s premium currency), the $RAINI token is intended to be a more passive, index-oriented token for Raini Studios.

Where $PHOTON is designed around a buy/earn and spend model, $RAINI is designed around a buy and hold (and stake) model.

To this end, we are excited to announce that we will be launching two new staking pools upon the launch of RTLOL — a $RAINI pool and a $RAINI LP pool, both offering the ability to earn $PHOTON tokens passively (with the LP pool earnings being significantly higher).

In true Raini style, we’ll also be introducing a gamified mechanic to these staking pools — players will be able to use rewards to craft and deploy “PHOTON magnifiers”, which will offer once-off, temporary boosts to the earnings rate of the holder’s staked RAINI/RAINI LP position, effectively super-charging a holder’s earning rate.

We’ll have more details on all of the above as we move ever closer to launch, but we hope this high-level overview gives you a solid understanding of our plans, and how we want to work with our community to keep building, keep growing, and be the best gosh darn TCG the world has ever seen!

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/rainiverse

Telegram: t.me/rainicornchat

Raini NFT Platform: raini.io

Twitter: twitter.com/raini_coin (cashtag = $RAINI)

Pancakeswap: Buy on Pancakeswap

Uniswap: Buy on Uniswap

Ethereum & BSC Contract: 0xeb953eda0dc65e3246f43dc8fa13f35623bdd5ed

Etherscan, DEXTools + more: linktr.ee/rainicoin



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