Wednesday Round-Up

Jordi Drop Debrief

They’ve been revealed!

For anyone who missed it, this week’s long awaited Jordi Molla drop was a banger — with all masks (across both the public and Raini pools) minting out within around 20 minutes of the public sale going live.

We have it on good authority that Krew are hard at work to deliver on the next phase of the collection, with utility and marketing efforts forming part of the mix.

The masks have now been revealed, so head on over to Opensea to check them out in all their glory —

Liquidity Pool APY Changes

When liquidity rewards were introduced in June of last year, we flagged that we would initially seed the Eth & BSDC LP staking pools with 5 million in $RAINI tokens in total for the first 6 months.

After this liquidity rush period ended on December 20, we seeded the pools with an additional 1 million tokens, which have taken us through to where we are today.

The project has now grown to the point where Unicorns provide significant value in their own right, giving Liquidity Pool providers access to exclusive NFTs and allocations. In the Jordi Molla Masks drop for exmple, we had an allocation of 500 masks reserved solely for unicorn holders —initially with wallet limits for an hour, then open season where you could mint as many as you wanted.

With these sorts of benefits, and the sustainability of the protocols tokenomics in mind, we will begin scaling back our LP rewards. To that end, the LP rewards for the next month have been reduced to 500,000 RAINI split evenly across Ethereum and BSC.

We will also be looking at increasing the number and value of Unicorn exclusives moving forward in order to help ensure that strong value can be gained from LP provision.

A major example of this relates to RTLOL - wherein for all future card pack drops, we intend to release “Unicorn” card packs, which will only be mintable with Unicorns. A number of these packs will contain high rarity, exclusive cards (i.e. cards that cannot be found in any other types of card packs), so these packs should prove to be highly valuable.

RTLOL Update + Card & Mechanic Reveals

Since our last update, we’ve continued to bring in an array of talent to our game studio team. Development of the game is progressing smoothly, and we are still on track to launch in Q1 of this year (2022), so we look forward to battling you in the Rainiverse before you know it!

To help tide you over until game release, we will be aiming to release weekly updates from here that include a card reveal, as well as game mechanic explanation. To that end, here are the first two cards that we want to showcase (note that card details are subject to change):


  • Classification: Rare Green Creature
  • Play Cost: 2 Green Gems + 4 Colorless Gems
  • Stats: 50 Power, 80 HP
  • Game Text: Poisonous 10. On Play: Gain 10 Poisonous for each enemy creature in play.
The new poster boy for “smoking kills” ad campaigns.

The Kapre is a creature from Phillippine folklore and is one of the two new green rares that we will see in the second card pack drop. He is from the Sylvan tribe and has a stacking Poisonous effect, which causes any minion attacked and damaged by him to be poisoned and take damage every turn.


  • Classification: Common Orange Creature
  • Play Cost: 1 Orange Gem + 4 Colorless Gems
  • Stats: 20 Power / 70 HP
  • Game Text: Gain +20 Power whenever a friendly minion dies.
Despite what it looks like, Behemoth actually has a great sense of humor — just don’t joke about its spikes.

The Behemoth makes its appearance in RTLOL as one of the only three orange creatures in the second drop. It is reasonably beefy and deals a moderate amount of damage, but its power stat grows as other friendly minions die around it.

Keen observers may recognize these characters as the placeholder heroes in our gameplay trailer. These characters were also the focal point of our most recent card pack contest, where entrants were invited to guess the names of the characters — to that end, huge congratulations to our pack contest winners @Powerpsy2 and @iNI_Digital — please expect a DM from us soon to organize your prize packs.

Until next week, enjoy your Masks and may your $RAINI stay $GAINI

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Building an NFT-supercharged DeFi and Gaming Universe

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Building an NFT-supercharged DeFi and Gaming Universe

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