We’ve Got Big News.

Rainians, your patience has been rewarded. Months of steady progress behind the scenes is on the verge of becoming a full-blown avalanche — literally.

In crypto — as with most things consumer-related — hype and substance have a curious relationship.

Truthfully, they need each other — if your project only hits on one of the two? Well, you’re not going to have a project for very long. Your product has to be legit, and you’ve got to let the people know about it.

Doing the latter efficiently and effectively mid-bear market is easier said than done. At Raini, we’ve taken the time-tested approach of working hard at steadying our long-term foundation — building Lords of Light into the best online card game in existence, paying close attention to the evolution of the Raini ecosystem and tokenomics, and securing substantial funding and partnerships behind the scenes.

While it’s true much of this work has taken place in the shadows, what is done in the dark must eventually come to light (we are, after all, the Lords of Light).

Dark to light, Lords of Light — good one guys. Who’s writing this stuff?

We could wax philosophical all day, but you guys have waited long enough — let’s get to it.

Raini’s newest investor is…

…Ava Labs, founders of Avalanche!

So how’d this come about?

We’d already decided to launch Raini: The Lords of Light (RTLOL for short) on Avalanche — Ava Labs’ blockchain platform — due to both its industry-leading combo of speed, security, and low transaction fees and the possibility of getting our own Subnet in the future. Once Ava Labs expressed their support for our decision to launch RTLOL on Avalanche, we made contact through a mutual connection (who absolutely loved the game) and things came together pretty quickly.

This expansive, multi-faceted partnership will provide strong support for the next major steps in Raini’s development:

  • A financial investment from Blizzard, an Avalanche ecosystem venture fund
  • Full marketing support to help expand our reach and raise awareness for both the upcoming RTLOL launch and the Raini ecosystem as a whole
  • Introductions to other Ava Labs-connected projects to explore new partnerships and collabs

Our partnership with Ava Labs will accelerate Raini’s growth in the coming months, and kick off a series of rapid-fire developments headed into 2023 — headlined by the RTLOL full game launch and the $PHOTON Token Generation Event (TGE).

On that note, we’ve got even more news for you.

A Lot More Than An Avalanche

As far as new Raini investors, it’s more than just Ava Labs — we‘ve been quite busy meeting with a number of interested parties, so also wanted to give an update on the other VCs and angel investors who have provided backing for RTLOL so far:

Merit Circle — one of multiple major VCs to partner with Raini

And oh, one more thing — a brand new Avalanche Iconic Crypto Legend card is being added to Lords of Light, so be on the lookout for that one soon!

Closing Out 2022 Strong

It has certainly been an interesting and eventful year both at Raini and for crypto as a whole — heck, for the world period.

Despite challenges both foreseen and unexpected, we’ve continued to buckle down and focus on delivering on our roadmap, and we’re very proud to say that we’ve done just that — development of RTLOL is now progressing at full speed, and the pieces have been put in place to ensure the launch is a big success.

That being said, there’s plenty more work to do, and we’re beyond excited to have Ava Labs, Merit Circle, Citizen X, and several other major supporters in our corner as we prepare to blast off into 2023.

We very much appreciate our core, OG community members and investors staying patient and keeping the faith in recent months as well, and we’ll do our best to keep you guys posted on all things Raini moving forward (shout out to Apollo as well — an old friend who has rejoined the team to assist with posting content here on Medium 😉).

Until next time!



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