What’s New in the Rainiverse — November Updates

We’ve been hard at work, and have got plenty to share — partnerships, giveaways, contests, and more. Let’s blast through the latest!

Our Medium writer hard at work.

Kanpai Pandas Giveaway — Part 1 Completed!

An Expanding Rainiverse — New Hires

Bloody hell mate, someone get this man some horse tranquilizer.

BSC Daily Contest — Also Done!

And since we’re launching Lords of Light on Avalanche…

Lords of Light alpha 👀 👂 …on Alpha, Beta, and beyond

Oh yeah, we still read newspapers on the moon.

So with this FTX stuff behind us, we’re good right?

Did we jinx it with this one?



Building an NFT-supercharged DeFi and Gaming Universe

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