All Good Things Must… Get Better.

Nearly two years ago, we launched Raini as an incubator for Web3 innovation — creating an alchemy of art, media, and gaming on blockchain. As time has gone on, we’ve zeroed in on game development with The Lords of Light. Now, we make this shift official.

Rainicorn is now Raini Studios.

Since the very beginning, our focus has been on creativity and innovation — pushing the perceived boundaries of Web3, and building frameworks where users, creators, and investors alike can benefit.

In early 2021, we got started by releasing an entirely unique for-its-time NFT platform — rolling out NFT monetization and staking-as-a-membership before Beeple was a household name.

Since then, blending new technologies — like blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs — with time-tested social, cultural, and economic constructs — e.g. banking, investing, and fine art — has brought us down quite a winding road of experimentation and discovery.

And that journey was invaluable — in crypto, the best way to get it, is to live it.

All of us here in Web3 are building new realities in real-time — this is truly an unprecedented era we live in. Having laid Raini’s building blocks over the past couple of years — immersed in this primordial soup of human ingenuity we call “crypto” — our next step as a project and business has become clear:

After operating as a de facto game and media production studio over the past year — assembling an in-house all-star team of designers, developers, and artists — it’s time to make it official.

The best way forward is to double down on what we do best — bringing an unparalleled gaming experience to blockchain as Raini Studios.

So what exactly does this mean moving forward? In short — big things. We’ll shed more light in the weeks ahead, but let’s take a quick at some major happenings on the horizon:

Coming Out Swinging — What’s On Deck

If you’re gonna come out swinging, I guess a big laser sword works.

2022 was the time for building behind the scenes; 2023 is time to show out:

  • Raini: The Lords of Light TCG — Progressing to open beta (Q1), and full game launch (Q2) on Avalanche— with a few massive eSports, and marketing partnerships in the works
  • One additional full-scale game being internally designed, and another full-scale game to be published under Raini Studios (details coming soon)
  • re: brand dealswe’ll be kicking off building and licensing smaller games for NFT and crypto project communities, starting with a title for Kanpai Pandas (to be integrated with their Panda Points system). From there, we already have a number of additional titles planned — AAA-quality minigames with external points and token systems — that will leverage outside communities with gaming needs who need our resources to build them
  • Direct access to hard-hitting, cutting-edge AI tooling — built in-house — which will not only bring unparalleled quality and stylistic consistency to our products, but allow for eventual user-generated content as well via our flagship partnership with Leonardo AI. This partnership will also provide fantastic exposure for Raini via significant ongoing showcase opportunities on Leonardo’s socials

Our goal is big, but simple — to take blockchain gaming to the next level. More variety, more opportunities to earn, more mainstream exposure.

As we’ve said many times, we are deeply grateful for the loyalty, support, and patience of our OG community. You guys are awesome, and we’re elated to have had you along for the ride so far.



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