What’s New in the Rainiverse — November Updates

We’ve been hard at work, and have got plenty to share — partnerships, giveaways, contests, and more. Let’s blast through the latest!

Our Medium writer hard at work.

This time, we’re going for the Guinness World Record for subheadings in a blog post — current record is five, right?

Kanpai Pandas Giveaway — Part 1 Completed!

Our giveaway with Kanpai Pandas has officially come to an end, and all prize recipients have been notified via email. Congrats to all the winners! 🎉

Please note: winners will receive their card via airdrop prior to our second pack drop.

If you missed out on this one, no worries — everyone will have another opportunity to win an RTLOL Kanpai card and/or Kanpai Pandas NFT. 🐼

Just get your Lords of Light decks ready and practice plenty for the upcoming Kanpai RTLOL Tournament; details coming soon. 👀

An Expanding Rainiverse — New Hires

Bloody hell mate, someone get this man some horse tranquilizer.

As we move towards an eventful next few months, we’ve brought more help on board to further solidify our foundation heading into the new year. Recent hires include:

  • our new Chief Marketing Officer from one of Animoca’s most respected game studios
  • two new Senior Game Developers
  • the return of one of our most knowledgeable and creative Senior Game Designers, AlCaTrAzz
  • the return of an old friend (Apollo Keith, who penned our first few articles last year) to handle Content Creation on Medium

With the RTLOL launch on the horizon, we’re at a critical juncture on our long-term roadmap — these hires will serve to strengthen us through a period of accelerated growth and development in the months to come. 💪

Welcome! 🙌

BSC Daily Contest — Also Done!

The Learn-To-Earn contest we sponsored with BSC Daily has also concluded — thanks to all who participated, and again congrats to the winners!

As promised, winners received a share of the $1000 USDC prize pool 💵 — so please keep an eye on your emails and double-check to see if you’ve won.

And since we’re launching Lords of Light on Avalanche…

…we’ve decided to introduce a new Avalanche card to RTLOL 👇

To celebrate this release, we’ll be giving this card above — as well as a yet-to-be-revealed Legendary card — away to contest winners. These giveaways will work similarly to our Kanpai contest:

  • Round 1Gleam campaign, 10 copies of the new Avalanche card as prizes.
  • Round 2 — Sponsored Tournament in the new year, 10 more copies of the Avalanche card + a copy of a special edition Legendary card as prizes.

The Gleam campaign is now live — check 👉 this link for details 👀

Lords of Light alpha 👀 👂 …on Alpha, Beta, and beyond

Oh yeah, we still read newspapers on the moon.

The current crown jewel of the Rainiverse — our TCG, Raini: The Lords of Light — has remained the center of our attention, and we’re happy to share some key updates with you all regarding the RTLOL launch time frame.

That being said, as this post was being prepared, the FTX collapse rocked the crypto world, and with broader market conditions still being uncertain we’re being intentionally conservative with the following updated roadmap targets:

  • TCG Tournaments on track to kick off from December
  • TCG progression from Alpha to Beta before the end of January
  • 2nd Edition pack drop now on track for early 2023

And finally:

  • full game launch (including both TCG and overworld/metaverse game) and Photon token launch on Avalanche by Q2 2023

Given the above target dates, we’re still very much looking to bring on more RTLOL Alpha testers. If you haven’t signed up yet and would like to, fill out this form.

Eagle-eyed readers may note that, with the timing and success of this pack drop being critical for both RTLOL and the secondary value of cards in general, we have decided to hold off on completing the drop until early in the new year.

Silver lining: We are looking to replace the December card pack drop with another NFT drop instead, which we have been holding in our reserves for a time like this. This should enable all of our dedicated Rainians to put some of their bows 🌈 and corns 🦄 to use once more — stay tuned for details very soon!

So with this FTX stuff behind us, we’re good right?

Did we jinx it with this one?

Of course we are, you wombats 😎 — our founders prefer multi-sig wallets to centralized exchanges.

Better safe than sorry.

Macro conditions aside, Raini is as fundamentally strong as it’s ever been, and looking forward to an eventful and productive 2023. During bear markets, projects that keep their heads down and put in the work are the ones who will flourish leading into the next bull run; and we’re laser-focused on making both RTLOL and the broader Raini ecosystem a major success. 💪

Until next time!



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